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Dear All,

As you probably know we (Gravity/Avatar OPS Team) are in process of handing over our activities to SAP Cloud Managed Services. They will take care if any issues occur, and our topic is to ensure high availability until it is handed over and check the statistics of incoming users. Details coming in next article.

We’ve noted that there is an increase of the newly registered users so I’ve planned to invest some of my free time in promoting our product. I hope that it would boost the interest in it. Having in mind that the tool is free and open for everyone the thing that it misses currently is promotion – simply transparency to the masses - so that people can learn about it. Until now all the users that we got are probably coming from Streamwork web traffic or someone that read our newsletter. Recently an article was published which also helps but we need more…

The method which I provided for promoting the tool is very popular and I would shortly explain it. It can be applied for any product in our company. Giving a chance to the people out there to find about our products could bring an instant value which of course is good for our company in general.

So after making a detailed research about keywords search in the bpm area I came out with 9-10 key phrases which have significant search potential. I have then concentrated on the medium competition ones with the highest search rates, also took a shot for the hardest and most searched one.

Then I created a constellation of web pages shortly called “satellites” which are referring to our product and explain how one can access it and what are its benefits. Each web page targets 1-2 keywords from the mentioned above. These satellites were created on totally no cost hosting and free domains. At the beginning I thought asking for paid domain names but I decided that this would ruin the idea for ‘value out of nothing’. So, having the satellites running with uploaded content I now started building links pointing to them and applying all the SEO techniques that I know. Creating deeper and deeper network of complicated levels.

What I expect – for 30 days the sites would be indexed and hopefully will gain first page positions in google. This should draw traffic and concentrate it to Streamwork as well. Some of those users might decide to use our Process Flow – and others will check Streamwork as a better solution for business collaboration. That is two targets with one shot and it costs nothing!

In the next months I would monitor the user traffic from the satellite ring and compare them to the actual newly registered users, and update this post. Let’s hope that it would work.