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This blog talks about the different types of issues encountered while C4C interacts with CPI/HCI during the execution of Integration scenarios involving On Premise integration or Cloud integration.

As a part of this blog, I will emphasize majorly on the outbound communiation issues related to C4C and HCI in the standard integration packages provided by SAP.

There are two types of Integration scenarios between C4C and CPI.

  • Outbound Communication: - When C4C send the asynchronous or synchronous message to CPI.

  • Inbound Communication: - When C4C receives the asynchronous or synchronous message from CPI.

Issues may arise while you are setting up the Integration for the first time or the production landscape breaks because of some connectivity failure between these two systems.

Below are some of the issues in Outbound Communication: -

Error accessing service; Service Ping ERROR: Service Unavailable (503)

This error can be seen in the Web Service Message Monitoring view in C4C or while testing the connection in an outbound Communication Arrangement like "Business Partner Replication to SAP Business Suite"

Multiple Causes: -

  • Service URL maintained in the Communication Arrangement is incorrect Or,

  • CPI system is down Or,

  • Iflow deployed is not in "Started" status.

Resolution: -

If the service URL is correctly maintained but still error is coming; then raise a ticket from SAP Support Launchpad for LOD-HCI component.

MPL ID in C4C failed message error log

Message is in Application/System error in Web Service Message Monitoring and the corresponding error log mentions about a MPL ID string and this MPL ID is a message processing log id in CPI Message Monitoring screen.

For Example:-
An internal error occurred. For error details check MPL ID AFne8F7uXXQcjYklezUf20J71c_q in message monitoring

With the help of above example MPL ID, you can search out the failed message in CPI and start your analysis on the issue.

If the issue is not resolved from your side, please raise a ticket to SAP support with the error log from CPI message monitoring.

Connection fails to CPI with 403 forbidden error

The Iflow is configured for certificate-based authentication but the certificate is not imported in the CPI key store or C4C communication Arrangement is configured to use Basis Authentication.

Below KBA can be checked to resolve the issue: -

2600568 - RFC destination to CPI fails with 403 forbidden error


While testing the connectivity from Communication Arrangement, you might get this error.

Kindly send the actual data to test the end to end connectivity, and if still you are getting the same error; please raise a ticket to SAP.

Helpful KBA

2604833 - ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_BROKEN Error When Checking Connection in Communication Arrangement


You see outbound web service messages with error "ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR".

Full error message "Error accessing service; Service Ping ERROR: Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: ("ICF Error when receiving the response: ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR") ()"


The certificate chain (root and intermediate certificates) of the server host is missing in certificate trust list.


  1. Go to Administrator and select Common Tasks

  2. Click on Edit Certificate Trust List

  3. Upload the root and intermediate certificates from the server host


Below are more links related to C4C integration issues: -
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