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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, simply implementing a digital solution is no longer enough to remain competitive. Innovation is moving at the speed of light, with what seems like weekly cloud software releases and a steady stream of updates for any given solution.

To help companies succeed, they need the right solution-specific learning and enablement resources to always keep them thinking one step ahead. Access to the right tools and training are the only way that software implementation project teams can truly immerse themselves in each update to become – and remain – experts in a given solution.

In order to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of these companies, SAP is offering SAP Learning Hub, solution editions.

Breaking It Down

With change happening at such a swift pace, those directly involved in implementation projects need a way to remain focused on what matters most to their role, solution of focus, and the company’s business goals. Luckily, SAP Learning Hub, solution editions provide a direct route to solution-specific success for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by offering eight new editions tailored to different SAP solution categories.

These SMEs have the same rapidly evolving digital needs as large enterprises, but the difference in size and scale of their technical landscape often means that these smaller entities are working with one solution as opposed to multiple. Recognizing this, SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, allows the people involved in SAP solution portfolio projects to hone in on one SAP product category, giving them a deep knowledge of how it can best be leveraged toward unique business goals.

Practice Makes Perfect

They say that the best way to learn is from experience, and with SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, project teams for SAP solution implementations do just that. Included in each of the eight editions s is ten hours of hands-on practice with SAP training systems through SAP Live Access, providing technical professionals with the liberty to experiment with their given solution in a low-stakes, hands-on environment. This pre-configured resource provides the perfect place for learners to test concepts learned through trainings in SAP Learning Hub.

Mapping Out the Journey

SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, are tailored to specific deployments of SAP solutions with a breadth of resources provided. Learners are able to map out the path to proficiency in a specific solution through a tailored Learning Journey, collaborate with other members of project teams and SAP experts focused on the same solution in the online collaborative learning forums, SAP Learning Rooms, and continue to bolster their knowledge through self-paced learning content.

The interactive, always up-to-date nature of SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, helps project teams flex with new software features and functionalities as they occur, enabling real-time learning and business transformation in the process.

Are you ready to bolster your business for future success with SAP Learning Hub, solution editions? Learn how, here.
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