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As touched in my previous post, the tech market is changing.

Tech buyers expect (1) predictable business outcomes and (2) fast end user adoption from their technologies. This implies that the tech job market is changing too: the current technology domain expertise is not sufficient anymore, but a heterogeneous skill-set is required to ensure matching the buyers’ expectations.

A recent IDC analysis predicts that 90% of IT roles will be redefined in the next three years. This means, about 30 million professionals need to be newly skilled or upskilled.

In that context, here are the three technology areas are strongly emerging: Cloud. Mobility. And Big Data/Internet of Things/Social.

How will these drive the skill change? Let’s examine it.

1. Cloud - Cloud is still a brand new field. It is rapidly gaining on on-premise processing.  Currently, it accounts for only about a fifth of the total services demand but projections point to Cloud services demand growing by over 30% percent every Tech buyers need first to understand how they can exploit the Cloud for getting breakthrough business outcomes, and then walk the talk. This will require raising the demand for a complete end-to-end skill set capacity. Business and Technical advisory; competence in bridging the Cloud and the On-Premise world; high-quality security expertise; and tech domain skills and managerial skills for planning/deploying/running hybrid landscape will be the hot spots.

2. Mobility – The shift of end-user consumption toward mobile is a reality. The number of mobility devices increased by 40 percent annually in the past four years, and the daily time spent on the device by each users tripled.  Companies need to ensure both (a) a compelling user experience  to their customers and (b) a seamless extension and integration of the business process to include the new mobile-enabled channels and business models. This will require important demand for experts on creating effective user interfaces (from both tech and usability perspectives) and for industry process experts who can re-purpose themselves.

3. Big Data/Internet of Things/Social – The first reaction you might have is, ‘why are these three big themes all linked together?’ It’s because despite the specificity of each, they all have a common business denominator: the leverage of massive and unstructured data to enable business information and decisions. Because information doubles every 20 months,  50 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2030, and social platforms will reach  50 million users in just a few months.  But we don’t have the same pace in ability to analyze, sort, and monetize this information – so there’s a real need to close that gap. Enterprise advisory and industry experts as well as data experts (architects, scientists for predictive analytics, in-memory and big data database technology experts) and robotics and automated equipment professionals will be in the sweet skill spot for this success.

If you are a  recruiter, a business manager, a tech buyer, or a tech professional, keep this in mind to not miss massive opportunities for professional success!

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