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The next evolution step of the SAP Fiori launchpad content manager tool now also supports role configuration and activation status information for required OData and ICF services. If you are not familiar with this tool and want to learn more about its first version, please check out my content manager blog.

The new features are available with SP08 for SAP_UI 752, SP05 for SAP_UI 753 and SP01 for SAP_UI 754.

What is new in the launchpad content manager 1.1?


1. New Roles tab to display role - catalog assignments


To enable a more holistic view on SAP Fiori launchpad content, a new tab for displaying roles and role assignment information was added to the content manager UI. On this tab, all roles containing catalogs are displayed and by selecting a role you can display all catalogs assigned to this role.

Vice versa, you can also display all roles to which a given catalog is assigned on the Catalogs tab now - in addition to displaying all related tiles and target mappings for a catalog, which was already supported in version 1.0 of the launchpad content manager.

You can switch between these views on the Catalogs tab by clicking the button Show Catalog Content / Show Usage in Roles.

On the Roles tab, you also find two new buttons. The first one allows you to jump directly to editing a selected role in PFCG (1), the second one allows you to check the service activation status for one or several roles (see below).

Since roles are client-dependent, this feature is only available for the client-specific launchpad content manager (transaction /UI2/FLPCM_CUST).

2. Show activation status of OData and ICF services


The launchpad content manager now also helps you to find out if the required OData and ICF services are active for a single SAPUI5 or Web Dynpro app or for displaying data on a dynamic tile. To perform this check, you find the Check Service button on top of the each of the three tabs available now in the launchpad content manager, so you can check the service activation status either on app level – for one of several apps, on catalog level or on role level. You can always select between three options, when clicking the Check Service button.

For example, when selecting a role on the Roles tab, you can choose between:

  • Check Services

This means that all relevant services in all catalogs will be checked and you see the aggregated result for the role and the result of the checks for all catalogs in the catalog list.

  • Check and Show Services

 This option takes you to a new screen with two tabs where you can find all OData and ICF services that are part of the selected role with their activation status.

On both tabs you can simply select a service and click the Define Service / Activate and Maintain Service buttons to jump directly to SICF resp. /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE to solve the problem.

  • Check All Services

This will display a combined status for ODATA and ICF services for all objects in the launchpad content manager.

Since the same button is available on all tabs, you could also search for a specific app on the Tiles/Target Mappings tab by entering its SAP Fiori ID and then check the service activation status just for the tile/target mapping of this app.

3. Reference Detail column also available on Catalogs tab


You can now also see the Reference Detail column on the Catalogs tab which makes it easier to check for all tiles and target mappings in one catalog whether they have been created in that catalog or if they only exist as a reference.

4. New Backend Catalog column


A checkmark in the Read-only column indicates that the catalog cannot be edited in the launchpad content manager. One possible reason (besides the catalog being cross-client or in the SAP namespace) is that the catalog was created in the backend using the Mass Maintenance tool and replicated to the front-end server. There is now a new column available on the Tiles/Target Mappings and Roles tab that indicates whether a catalog is such a backend catalog or not.

5. New Task List for Service Activation based on Customer Roles


In addition, there is also a new task list available to support the rapid activation of customer content as well, the SAP_FIORI_FCM_CONTENT_ACTIVATION task list. In contrast to the existing task lists, it also allows to select customer roles for activation. A closer integration into the launchpad content manager is planned.

I hope that this was useful. For more details check out the SAP Fiori launchpad content manager documentation.