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Fundamental Library Styles released version 0.5.0 with another set of migrated components toward the latest Fiori 3. As before the components are also theme-able through the cross-technology theming parameters from SAP Theming Base Content package.

The first component is switch. It reflect the latest design for Content Density (Cozy and Compact). It is meant to resemble a physical switch and allow a user to turn a setting “on” or “off”. It should be used to switch between two states/modes: active or inactive.

Token and Tokenizer were also part of version `0.5.0`. Token are used to represent contextualizing information. They can be useful to show applied filters, selected values for form field or object metadata.

Tokenizer is container for tokens, can be placed inside multi input components.

The biggest update is related to the tabs. Tabs are based on a folder metaphor and used to separate content into different sections. The main use cases are when you want the user to navigate between different object facets in the details area and when you want to let the user to filter lists.

Here are some of the options:

Classical Tabs

Tabs with counters

Tabs with icons and counters

Tabs as Process Steps - you can use the tab bar to depict a process. Each tab stands for one step. To connect the steps, you can use the triple-chevron icon.

Tabs as Filters, which comprise two parts: an "all" tab on the left(optional) and tabs for specific filter.

Tabs as Filters with semantic colors. This variant can be used if it is important for the user to know that they need to take action (e.g critical or error case).

Tabs with semantic colors.

Stay tuned for more updates. Want to read more blog posts about Fundamental Library? Check these out.