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It has been a great year for Fundamental Library in many levels. Especially reflecting how everything started. I will dedicate a separate blog about the history of the Fundamental Library soon.

What do we do?

Check out this short video on our youtube channel to understand more.

Our goal is to help teams achieve a consistent UX following SAP Fiori 3 without requiring a change to the framework they have being using.

It has not a long since we introduced Fiori Fundamentals, a small 'design system' to help you build web sites with Fiori 3 look. In less than 2 years we have achieved a lot.

What did we achieve?

We got our official name and branding. It is an important part of our library:

Our ecosystem has been growing over the last year. We always welcome and embrace any new idea.

At the moment we have 4+ libraries and 5+ npm packages. The main ones:

All the components have been migrated to the latest Fiori 3 visual and interaction design. The components are theme-able, accessible and documented in details. Most of this was accomplished in 2020.

Our npm downloads for this year up to December 8, 2020 are over 1,3 million (last weekly over 40,000 downloads!)

Fundamental Library Styles alone reaches 10,000 downloads weekly:

Fundamental Library Styles Weekly Downloads

Fundamental-NGX/Core Weekly Downloads

This makes Fundamental Library one of the most downloaded SAP npm libraries by far.

Since the beginning, many things have changed or evolved, but some things have remained completely intact: We wanted to create a truly open source project from day 1. We wanted to have libraries that welcome everyone - contributors, stakeholders, partners,... All Fundamental Libraries were created with this in mind. All Fundamental Libraries treat the contributors equally. All stakeholder voices are listened to. Maybe these are some of the reason for the great success of the libraries.

Few more numbers:

At the moment we have got more that 100 unique github contributors. All of their contributions matter! The number of the npm releases are over 4,400.


One aspect of open source projects that brings confidence to the community is the versioning and how the project is communicating this transparently to its stakeholders. We have decided to use and apply Semantic Versioning and Conventional Commits.

Here is an example how the versions are autogenerated and follow natural sequence:

and here is an example how each productive version is documented thanks to conventional commits:

Thank you

Fundamental Library has even more potentials, which we will try to document here in separate blogs (check soon for more blogs detailing how you can build your own web components using StencilJS and Angular Elements). Also, we will try to give stage for people using the Fundamental Library for their projects and we will try to connect our community even more.

Thank you, to the colleagues who started the first library, the colleagues who moved the needle further with Fundamental Library Styles, the contributors to all 4-5-6 github repositories, all the designers, all the people with bold ideas of starting something as a side project and pushing it further. Also thank you, to all the known and many unknown stakeholders, all people trying out and sharing feedback and being patient, all the advisers and supporters over the last year and a half, and all the colleagues driving similar projects. We are what we are thanks to you. Don't give up and keep trying... We need you even more!

The numbers are great and I won't neglect them. We know in 2021 they will rise even more and we will work even harder to help teams achieve consistent UX without forcing them to change the frontend framework they have chosen. What matters the most though, is the passion, dedication, effort, commitment, talent of the team(s).

A big THANK YOU to everyone!

We are looking forward to working with you even closer in 2021. You are welcome to join the Fundamental Library journey!

Stay tuned for more exciting news. Want to read more blog posts about Fundamental Library? Check these out. In case you want to be informed, feel free to follow us in twitter, linkedin and youtube.
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