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In my day by day job, I realize that many SAP experts still had no opportunity to explore SAP Cloud Platform and start their journey to renew their skills. This happens for different reasons: too busy in their daily job, confused on where and how to start their learning journey, not familiar with the innovation, or many others.

This is very sad to me, because there is so much talent out-there that many companies need to be successful in their business, but, most important, to keep innovating and lead the change.

SAP Cloud Platform is a very powerful Platform as a Service solution that offers so many tools and business services, but sometimes it could be scary for old ABAPers to start a new learning journey.

I have been in that situation too, so I want to use my experience in approaching SAP Cloud Platform with other members of the community and share as much information I can to share the value, the flexibility, and the versatility of the SAP Cloud Platform.

There are 20 macro categories of services in the SAP Cloud Platform and most of the time we focus in just one of this service, such as the API Management or SAP Fiori development, but we do not consider how we can get the real power of a Enterprise Business Platform combining these services to easily create Enterprise level cloud applications.

Extend the core with new functionalities, Integrate solution to provide a valuable access to data, Build innovative application to simplify and innovate core processes.

For this reason, I decided to create a video series FromZeroToCloud that wants to explore SAP Cloud Platform capabilities one by one, but not a single service, but more how we can combine different services to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise!

In this series, I start the journey of a new company, a new delivery Pizza shop (who doesn't like pizza?), that want to embrace the cloud to quickly expand its business and leverage the innovative technologies to become the leader in the market. Starting with one simple application, we will expand or offering, adding more and more functionalities and services for my customers, suppliers and employees, and becoming THE best pizzeria.


What are you waiting for? Join me in this journey and let's make Pizza rule the Cloud.

Publish date Episode Abstract
Mar 14, 2019 0 - Intro On Pi(e) day I decided to open a new activity a new Pizza delivery!
Welcome to Cloud Pizza! A journey to a successful business using SAP Cloud Platform.
Apr 1, 2019 1 - Setup In this episode we will start our journey with SAP Cloud Platform creating a new SAP Cloud Platform Trial account and an SAP Gateway account to a Gateway System in the cloud.
Apr 9, 2019 2 - Connectivity In this episode we will cover the initial configuration for connecting the SAP Cloud Platform with our cloud and on premise systems using the SAP Cloud Connector
Apr 22, 2019 3 - SAP Cloud Portal It's time to start building a site for our pizzeria, we need to communicate our clients that we are open for business and ready to deliver our pizza.
Let explore SAP Cloud Portal service and move forward to our success.
May 2, 2019 4 - GitHub Quick information for downloading the source code of each episode.
May 23, 2019 5 - SAP Cloud Portal Theming It's time to personalize our portal and creating a theme that brings our portal to the next level.
In this episode we create a custom theme in SAP Cloud Platform and we will apply to our pizzacloud site.
Jul 9, 2019 6 - SAP Cloud Portal Widgets Let's create some custom widget for our SAP Cloud Platform Portal. This is our starting point to create a more professional website.
Aug 12, 2019 7 - HANA in the Cloud The next stop of our journey brings us into something new. In this episode we will cover the basics for the development of HANA artifacts in the cloud.
Oct 1, 2019 8 - Let's talk OData We continue to explore SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry and in this episode we will expose the HANA CDS view created in the previous episode in an OData format and we will consume from our SAP Cloud Platform Portal.

Let me know with your content what you do and do not like. I'm not a professional or experienced Youtube VBlogger, actually this is my first experience, so I would like to improve the delivery of this content also learning from you!


PS I recently realized that I need subscribers to activate some YouTube features. If you find this content relevant, let me know by subscribing to my Youtube channel