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The calls went out to SAP partners in 2021 and again in 2022, inviting them to submit ideas for developing new intelligent business solutions for utilities through the SAP industry cloud ecosystem. With those calls came a promise from SAP to support partners with resources and guidance so they could quickly turn those ideas into real solutions and real revenue.

As compelling as the opportunity was to leverage SAP’s resources to create, market and monetize a new customer solution, dozens of SAP partners answered the calls, and a handful were subsequently chosen to develop their ideas as part of the SPRINT1 program. Now these partners have commercialized, ready-to-integrate solutions that utility companies can purchase in the SAP Store.

SPRINT1 is just one example of how the resources SAP is pumping into industry cloud can help partners unlock important opportunities on SAP industry cloud.  While SPRINT1 is aimed at partners on the “build” side of the industry cloud ecosystem, we’re also rolling out resources to support and catalyze the work of partners on the “sell” and “service” sides of the ecosystem, including resellers and channel partners as well as system integrators and global strategic partners (GSPs).

As Global Leader of the Industry Cloud Partner Enablement effort at SAP and as part of the SAP Partner Ecosystem Success team, I’ve been busy learning from execs across the three categories of partner organizations how SAP can best help them maximize their opportunities in the ecosystem. Because behind all the buzz about how partnership and co-innovation have already yielded more than 300 promising new solutions [almost all developed or integrated with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)], there has to be a business case for partners to invest their time, energy and resources in industry cloud.

That’s where my team and I come in. Our job is to make sure partners have ready access to the resources they need to realize ROI on their industry cloud investments.



Let’s take a closer look at what that means for each of the three partner categories:

  • SERVICE. My goal is to help system integrators and GSPs consistently earn customer referrals from their work implementing industry cloud solutions. To support that goal, we’ve developed another quick, self-paced deployment-enablement learning program designed to help integrators and GSPs deliver superior implementations. As a starting point, check out the Service Partner Learning Room. (SAP Partner access only) We are working to augment this enablement portfolio and soon will add new practical learning resources, with the opportunity for partners to earn a digital badge.

  • SELL. We’re here to help resellers and channel partners uncover opportunities and develop go-to-market strategies to sell industry cloud solutions, and find opportunities to partner with independent development partners to resell their industry cloud solutions. We can also help resellers and channel partners identify intellectual property that they could productize as an industry cloud solution. As an initial step, we’ve developed a quick course for resellers and channel partners to learn about the industry cloud business model, how to approach conversations with customers about industry cloud solutions, and generally how to make the most of opportunities within the ecosystem. Those that complete the course (it takes only about an hour) earn a knowledge badge. To find out more, check out the learning journeys for Sales & Presales and Channel Partners. (SAP Partner access only)


How to make the most of these resources? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Explore and bookmark. The Industry Cloud Landing Page on the SAP Partner Portal (SAP Partner access only) is a great one-stop shop to learn more about how SAP industry cloud works and the resources available to partners. The SAP Store is worth perusing to view the full range of solutions partners are developing, selling and implementing. Wondering how your organization can benefit from being active on SAP industry cloud? That’s detailed in a report from Forrester (executive summary and full report). Also be sure to read this FAQ. (SAP Partner access only)

  2. Learn and earn. Complete a quick course to learn how being an industry cloud partner works and what it can do for your business, and earn a knowledge badge that sets your organization apart from other partners. Badges are currently available to channel partners and BUILD (SAP Partner access only)

  3. Lean on us a lot — or just a little. Partners can access support resources and guidance at any point in their industry cloud journey, from onboarding through to the final steps of commercializing a solution, or closing a deal, or completing a customer implementation.

  4. Tell us what you need. We’ve made it easy for partners to share their support needs with me and my team. To offer feedback, make a request, ask a question or share some good news with me and my team, use the feedback option in the SAP Community for Industry Cloud or leave a comment below this blog. We want to hear from you!

  5. Start innovating! SAP’s industry cloud’s integrated go-to-market model creates a wealth of opportunities for partners on the BUILD, SELL, and SERVICE sides of the ecosystem. And now we’re giving partners the resources they need to capitalize on those opportunities.

Our vision for industry cloud is that 80% of the solutions developed there come from partners. The only way to fulfill that vision is for SAP to give partners the support they need throughout what we believe will ultimately prove to be a fulfilling and profitable journey for them.