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SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) connects owners, operators, dealers, engineering service providers and manufactures. The network stores and shares structured and unstructured content and builds the platform for a next generation of applications that optimizes the asset lifecycle from planning to operations to maintenance and finally to decommissioning.

AIN is a cloud based Business Network that brings together operators, large scale companies of various industries that buy, own and operate industrial assets, manufacturers, industrial asset manufacturers that design, produce, sell, commission and operate/service industrial assets and distributors and service providers, units that are operating close by the operators and serving them with sales and services around the respective manufacturers assets.

Manufacturers that design, produce, sell, commission and operate or service industrial assets can

  • Centrally manage and publish information once to selected audiences
  • Establish Channel to Operators
  • Build Installed Base Knowledge
  • Gain Operation Insights / Access
  • Push Communication & Alerts
  • Sell Add-Value Services

Operators that buy, own and operate industrial assets can

  • Centrally subscribe for selected assets
  • Establish Channel to Manufacturers
  • Use latest/reliable info in Operation & Maintenance
  • Securely feed operation data
  • Collaborate with Peers / Partner
  • Enable New Business Models

Please leave a comment on the blog in case you would like to engage further and find out more information about the AIN offering from SAP.