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Is your company also getting serious about Social Media? SAP introduced new offerings at SapphireNow that will help you entering the next phase in your company’s Social Media lifecycle.

In fact, this trend towards companies becoming more serious about Social Media is very obvious today, with most enterprises – especially in B2C- seeing Social Media as a significant Marketing opportunity now. At SAP, we have had many fruitful discussions with our Co-Innovation customers and industry analysts on how IT now needs to help companies managing initiatives and gaining insights around the ever increasing “social channel” which includes public social networks like Facebook, Twitter, as well as a company’s community network or other social networks relevant to the specific industry and segment.

At the same time we have also observed that companies that are increasing Social Media activities also report challenges in their ability to handle the “storm” of feedback and complaints that might come in. Therefore, Social Media certainly has become a resource intensive endeavor for many enterprises these days, because it requires Marketing or Social Media managers to think through inbound and outbound. Our experience shows us that potential positive effects (e.g., increase in brand loyalty from campaign) of your customers might be completely offset in the end if your company is unable to handle general direct engagement with your prospects and customers through your Facebook fanpage or Twitter handles in a timely manner.

Even for those companies that do dedicate people taking responsibility for engaging with users directly we have observed significant challenges in making such processes scale as providing knowledgeable and high quality answers to diverse inquiries usually requires a sound interplay of people from various parts of your organization.

SAP is offering new options for your company taking advantage of the “social channel” opportunity, while supporting a more strategic approach than what we are currently observing.

SAP Social Media Analytics, which is based on the NetBase cloud solution, allows companies to listen carefully to what the social web is saying, while improving their social media P&L. With the help of this Social Monitoring & Analytics tool you can track general as well as campaign or product-specific sentiment across different market segments. You can also do advanced analytics on your influencers or competitors for example. The NLP (natural language processing) capabilities are a strong technology foundation, increasing the accuracy for advanced drill-drowns.

In addition to monitoring, SAP announced a new engagement tool at SapphireNow in Orlando last week. SAP Social Customer Engagement OnDemand (click link to see video) will help companies to better manage incoming feedback and service requests from their “social channels” by routing Facebook comments or tweets to the right experts within your organization. With the help of CRM ticketing capabilities as well as embedded Analytics your company can now deploy a modern Social Media cockpit, which will help your company entering the next level from Social Media experimenting to excellence.

If interested, please contact us directly or please engage with our Co-Innovation program today and benefit from our exchange of ideas and requirements. Also feel free to see us at Cloud Computing World Forum #CCWF this week in London.

Looking forward to your feedback Niclas (@Ottenic) and Sven (@SDenecken) …

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