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Dear Community,

I would like to invite you all to watch my session on "From Process Insights to Improvement with Low-Code/No-Code" during the BPI Tour on demand here (in German).

You’ll find the English session delivered by my colleague Jeremie Dumond here.

Customer Challenges

More than ever, the ability to adapt and pivot your business is key to surviving and conquering in these unprecedented and volatile times. However, organizations today face an ever-changing process landscape, and according to McKinsey, 77% of companies say they have talent gaps or expect to have gaps soon. On top of that, complex IT landscapes make it challenging for companies to be agile and innovative and remain market relevant with their digitization efforts. To help navigate these challenges, SAP offers an end-to-end journey with a strong infusion of low-code/no-code features.

Smart: End-to-end Business Process Intelligence 

SAP customers can now benefit from a complete business process transformation portfolio that covers all relevant steps from insights to continuous improvement. For instance, SAP helps analyze existing processes to discover which corrective actions are the most relevant for a given company. Based on pre-defined performance indicators and industry benchmarks, the business processes to be prioritized become crystal clear, and customers gain a thorough understanding of their current as-is situation and the bottlenecks they need to address.

In the next stage, customers can collaboratively model and simulate new processes, which will be the basis for using improvement solutions such as SAP Intelligent RPA and SAP Workflow Management.

Business Process Intelligence

Simple: Quick time to value with low-code/no-code 

SAP Intelligent RPA combined with SAP Workflow Management allows customers to automate their entire process landscape, and to act on insights found during process analysis. Fusing these capabilities enables the user to achieve both speed and agility to their work – something that Robotic Process Automation alone cannot do.

Users do not start from scratch: to deliver outcomes faster, SAP lets them select from a set of pre-built process content packages and deploy processes without writing a single line of code. A low-code/no-code graphical interface and seamless integration between SAP’s different solutions provide users with a complete toolkit to act on the insights gained from Signavio solutions to accelerate their business process transformation.

Scale: Automate any core business application with intelligence 

Finally, a company’s digital transformation is never a one-off project but rather a continuous journey that allows cross-departmental improvement. Just as users cannot scale process mining without necessary insights, or scale RPA without identifying which processes would benefit, no single technology can serve a company’s overall digital transformation at a scalable level if adopted alone. That is why SAP offers customers end-to-end integrated solutions — including in some instances the ability to integrate preexisting technologies from other sources.

What about you? Are you already engaged in your company's digital transformation? Are you facing the challenge of fragmented approaches or tech talent shortages? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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