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In the first generation of the SAP App Center we focused on applications that were designed to run on SAP Cloud Platform. The SAP App Center developed into great resource for customers who were looking for applications to extend their digital core.

At the same time, SAP continued to run other marketplaces, particularly those that are associated with our cloud applications like – SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Analytics, Concur, SAP Ariba, and others. The marketplaces continued to grow, and we uncovered a problem. We had partners who developed applications that had to list and maintain their applications on multiple marketplaces. And we had customers who had to visit multiple SAP marketplaces to find what they were looking for.

So last year, we set out on a mission. Starting with SAP SuccessFactors App Center, we consolidated the SAP SuccessFactors marketplace into the SAP App Center. Finally – our customers could go to the SAP App Center and see not only all the applications built for SAP Cloud Platform, but also all the applications that were built for SAP SuccessFactors. And our partners benefited as they didn’t have maintain multiple product listings.

With the latest release of the SAP App Center, we’re taking it several steps further.  First, we’re bringing all partner applications together under one roof. Don’t take our word for it – visit the SAP App Center and see for yourself. We’ve listed our line of business solutions across the top line of navigation.  Interested in SAP Analytics apps? Simply click SAP Analytics. Interested in SAP Hybris apps? Simply click SAP Hybris. It’s really that easy.


And if that wasn’t enough – we decided to take it one step further for our customers by adding the ability to try, purchase and manage applications.

We understand that large company procurement folks do not want to manage multiple points of entry and purchasing methods.  They want to manage all the applications entering their organizations from a single point of contact and they want a unified marketplace that helps them do that.

SAP SuccessFactors partner applications enable HR leaders to build unique employee experiences with SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors has brought together inventive partner applications that solve HR challenges in a creative way, while making the end-user experience simple and intuitive. Through an extensive ecosystem of applications that complement and connect easily with SAP SuccessFactors solutions, our customers have access to the leading HR innovations.

Ready to differentiate your employees’ experience? Check out Semos JobPts to build customized peer-to-peer recognition programs, MintMesh to make employee referrals into a gamified engaging process, and MacroMicro OrgInsight to turn your total workforce data into meaningful insights delivered visually.

SAP App Center extends Analytics solutions to drive business innovation

At SAPPHIRE NOW, the SAP App Center plays host to nearly 400 analytics apps and extensions from partners across the SAP ecosystem. These extensions provide customers with visualizations, data access drivers, line of business and industry content, and solutions for rapid deployment from products across the SAP Analytics portfolio, including SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Digital Boardroom.

Check out these apps and discover a solution purpose fit for your business today. Galigeo for advanced geo-map & geo-visualizations for SAP Lumira, Qualex to increase your ROI in gaming and hospitality using SAP HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics, and mySmartApp to easily create delightful mobile-first Fiori-style apps using design studio.

Concur apps provide the industry standard for a comprehensive travel and expense ecosystem

Concur integrates with apps that provide seamless traveler experiences and unprecedented visibility into travel and expense challenges such as risk and compliance, tax management and spend optimization. The SAP App Center and the Concur App Center now support integration with more than 160 travel and enterprise applications, making it the industry standard for a comprehensive travel and expense ecosystem.

We recommend Rocketrip to help reduce travel costs, Taxback International to maximize VAT reclaim on business travel expenses, and Uber to make ordering, riding, and expensing ground transportation effortless.