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Product and Topic Expert

...To Data Driven Decisions

How much money is spent on transformation programmes – using state of the art software and top flight design and implementation? Organisations even spend money on training (that was a bit cheeky). But then how do you know how your processes and systems are actually being used?

Here are some of the ways you may find out:

  1. The word on the street/jungle telegraph
  2. Super user feedback (a variant of point 1.)
  3. Vendor and customer feedback (another variant of point 1.)

These are all about feelings and perceptions which are often biased by the common challenges brought about by change – people don’t usually like it.  They are comfortable with the old and familiar and often heavily invested in it.

The inevitable complexity of large-scale (increasingly global) transformation programmes is fraught with challenges and these often emerge as dissatisfaction from users resistant to new systems and ways of working.  This resulting lack of user adoption leads to a reduced return on the organisations investment.

In the first place, how much of this feedback is accurate and how do you know? And how much distracts attention from the root causes?  Word on the street is very powerful and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. How do you tease out the accurate and useful feedback from the rest?


Monitoring Actual User Adoption

With SAP User Experience Management by Knoa (SAP UEM) we’re able to monitor how your users AND the SAP landscape interact during their day to day activities. We continuously follow what the user does and how the system responds. We measure the performance of all end-users, all the time, and for every SAP transaction. This allows us to measure the impact of a process or a change event from the user’s perspective both before and after the event. These measurable activities enable a comprehensive and informed view, supporting confident and reliable decision making based on real time KPI data and user workflows.

SAP UEM tracks:

  1. Response Time as experienced by the end user, including transaction response and navigation response, this is the user response time experienced from their workstation, a true measure of how the user interacts with the application.
  2. Quality of User Experience, including Infrastructure errors from operating systems, servers, networks, & databases; and application errors, such as ABAP Errors and “Method Not Allowed” messages
  3. Adoption and Usage Information, including user behaviour issues like user utilization, user errors, & active/idle time; and workflow issues such as process proficiency and compliance.

We collect all mentioned data and make this visible for you via Business Objects dashboards so you can drill down and filter on specific user groups, systems, transactions, periods. These management reporting features enable you to analyse user AND system behaviour from different angles.These are key perceptions on which you can base real decisions – decisions such as:

  • Which areas need technical attention
  • Where to invest process optimisation effort
  • Which people and which subjects to direct training to

This ability to focus allows for continuous improvement and contribution toward efficiency and productivity initiatives, accelerating user adoption and driving a measurable return on investment.

BrightTALK channel

Here’s a short video on SAP UEM to get you started but if you’d like to find out more about how you can benefit from a blended learning approach, contact one of our Learning experts.

I hope you have enjoyed this Wise-Up follow-on blog post and trust you will join the next installment Is the 70:20:10 approach disrupting the L&D world as we know it? - How SAP delivers this model internally to drive business through the SAP ecosystem” by Donald Ross on 13th July.

As this week’s blog bonus, here’s a link to an interesting piece by Janine Caldarella of SAP Training and Education – 6 Similarities between SAP User Experience Management (UEM by Knoa) and the TV Show Undercover Boss.