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Anyone familiar with SAP’s solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise understands that Intelligent Enterprises effectively use their data assets to achieve their desired outcomes faster – and with less risk. Core to the Intelligent Enterprise are SAP’s Data Management and Cloud Platform, which together make the Digital Platform.

But data in a platform isn’t meaningful until it’s put in a context that makes sense. This is why SAP Analytics Cloud supports live data connectivity to SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service (as well as to SAP Business Warehouse, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BusinessObjects BI, and many more) – so customers can do analytics on live transactions directly from SAP Analytics Cloud without the need to acquire or replicate the data from their SAP HANA service instance to SAP Analytics Cloud.

So, what does this mean for our customers?

All Data and All Analytics Together

Tracing way back to the SAP BusinessObjects days, business intelligence (BI) tools spoke about a “single source of truth”. With the proliferation of different analytics tools to meet distinct needs and the explosion of data types, sources, and a move from on-premises to the cloud, this goal has become trickier to tackle. We see both an increase in the number and variety of data sources and an increase in the number of roles in an organization working with data in their functions. But the sheer amount of tools, technologies, information, and the pressure to become data-driven can demotivate and lead to a lack of confidence among the users working with the data.

SAP Analytics Cloud is the only solution to provide a converged BI, Planning, and Prediction analytics platform. And only SAP HANA enables real-time analytics on transactional data – including other data forms such as spatial, graph, and text – and allows easy data loading from virtually any source.

These two tools together give you access to all data and analytics – together.

Today, the IT department can easily combine and create all the data that a business analyst will need in a single data platform. And that business analyst can connect easily to visualize, plan, and make predictions on that data, with a single analytics tool.

But we recognize that business users also need flexibility and users like to create their own datasets. This is why SAP Analytics Cloud gives them the ability to mash data from 150+ sources with SAP HANA so they can combine it with their corporate data and get a comprehensive view of their enterprise and any other data they want to explore.

And to make data more usable, SAP HANA provides data preparation tools for IT to format the data in a way that’s useful to the business user.

Make Fast, Confident Decisions

Since SAP HANA lets you do analytics on transactional data, in memory, and in real time, you can understand changes to your business and react immediately. By leveraging the live data connectivity to SAP HANA in SAP Analytics Cloud you’ll literally see the data instantly, without waiting for it to be replicated and loaded into SAP Analytics Cloud.

To facilitate fast decisions, SAP Analytics Cloud includes pre-built analytics content and templates. Integrated data quality functionality helps business users feel confident in the data they are using to make decisions.

And while SAP HANA provides all the tools a DBA needs to format the data in a way that’s usable for the business, SAP Analytics Cloud provides further data preparation and wrangling technologies to ensure data can be formatted in an intuitive way, making it accessible to all users with a simple user experience.

Realize Your Intelligent Enterprise in the Cloud

SAP HANA service and SAP Analytics Cloud together provide incredibly fast ROI as the entire stack is managed in the cloud. And since both are managed services, your IT can focus on tasks that move the business forward instead of administrative tasks like OS maintenance or responding to end user requests (since the end users are empowered!).

Cloud lets customers spin instances up quickly without worrying about sizing, configuring hardware, or managing their database and analytics tool from an operational perspective. So they can start innovating quickly AND take advantage of new features and innovations delivered by SAP, which are rolled out to the cloud on an ongoing basis.

One of our Innovation Award Winners, the Rainforest Connection, are a perfect showcase for the powerful combination of SAP HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud, along with other solutions. The team built a solution predicts illegal deforestation, alerting local rangers about logging incidents before they even happen.

Get Started Now!

You can learn more about SAP Analytics Cloud—or start your free trial here. More about SAP HANA service (and free trial access) is at . And here you can learn more about the Intelligent Enterprise from SAP.