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SAP Digital Interconnect provides cloud-based engagement services that use configurable APIs, programmable digital interfaces, and proven messaging channels to connect the “last mile” between enterprises and customers, employees, and things.

How did we go from being an SMS only solution to an interconnect solution story?

To answer this question ; this viewpoint blog provides insight into the early vision and the execution journey to bring these API’s , channel capabilities and services to fruition.

In 2014, we did a comprehensive market and competitor assessment and recognized a shift in A2P investments into API and SDK led consumption. We also recognized an intersection play in UCAAS ( unified communications as a service) market space.

In addition, our existing and target customers expressed their desire to extend engagement to alternative channels such as push, voice, email as well as integration with OTT ( social) messaging platforms.

Furthermore, several SAP product groups  expressed a desire to leverage an integrated multi-channel notification  capability managed by a single preferred service provider – preferably in-house. and we identified business potential across workflow scenario’s in an enterprise that demand intelligent (“whom & how”) notifications. I captured this in a blog post here ->

A Napkin Test

So , we took all of these inputs through a Napkin test i.e. unless our vision could be clearly defined at the back of a Napkin ; we needed to simplify it.  We stitched together the broader leadership guidance around integration with SAP Platforms with the A2P market picture focused on use case solutions and add-ons.

Here is a schematic version of the vision put together :

Multi-channel services and solutions vision

Originally crafted as Communications as a Service ( CAAS) ; this vision was operationalized and productized as an “uber” SAP Intelligent Notification 365 service , with each communication service and the API's representing a sub-product in the portfolio. The solution add-ons were carved out as separate product initiatives.

So, between 2015 - 2018; quiet systematically the foundational elements of the service were established.

SAP Intelligent Notification 365 was CTIA 2015 Award Winner

Go-Forward outlook

For developers and enterprise customers, ease of API consumption is key along with code patterns in python or other newer languages.

SAP Livelink 365 is the consumption and developer interface for SAP Digital Interconnect API’s providing easy to reference documentation and example codes for various use cases.

To accomodate different pricing models for each of the communication channels , plus the complexity of API basket pool; the SAP Intelligent Notification 365 portfolio product / service itself is being deprecated into channel specific product brands viz.

  1. SAP Email 365,

  2. SAP Social Channels 365,

  3. SAP Push 365,

  4. SAP SMS 365 ( legacy product)

  5. SAP Intelligent Decision 365.

Reach out to us

To know more about SAP Digital Interconnect ; reach out to us here ->