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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
You have been working hard on your missions and we want to recognize you! The SAP Community has recently launched several new SAP Discovery Center badges. If you are feeling up for a challenge and want to dive into a fresh project, check out the lineup of new badges and how you can add some flare to your SAP Community profile and boost your reputation.

Mission Badges

SAP Discovery Center is a powerhouse for SAP Business Technology Platform knowledge and experience. Completing missions is a great way to gain hands-on experience and SAP BTP know-how. Mission badges recognize your achievements and acknowledge your reputation as an SAP BTP explorer and source for information.

Pole Star – One Mission

Congratulations! You are on the first successful level of your mission journey. Complete one mission in SAP Discovery Center to get this badge.

Mission V – 5 Missions

Show your enthusiasm for exploring and adopting SAP Business Technology Platform and complete five missions in SAP Discovery Center to get this badge.

Mission X -- 10 Missions

You love to explore new innovations and wish to go beyond the stars. Complete ten missions in SAP Discovery Center to get this badge.

Silver Galaxy – 25 Missions

You are far above the stars and leading your vessel to new galaxies. Complete twenty-five missions in SAP Discovery Center to get this badge.

Golden Discovery – 50 Missions

You’re definitely a SAP Business Technology Platform enthusiast, who is leading path for others. Complete 50 missions in SAP Discovery Center to get this badge.

The Cosmos – 100 Missions

You are in a special league of experts who loves to innovate with SAP Business Technology Platform. Complete 500 missions or earn 50000 Discovery Center points to get this badge.

Level Badges

As you progress through your Discovery Center missions, you are granted points in SAP Discovery Center. To view your current level and points collected, log in to your SAP Discovery Center account and navigate to the Control Center. You can earn points by completing various Discovery Center activities that increase your knowledge and experience as well as help us improve. Here is how you can grab yourself some points:

  • 10 points for starting a mission

  • 100 points for completing a mission

  • 1 point for marking a card complete

  • 1 point if you post a question

  • 10 points if you add a team member to your mission

  • 10 points for every time you refer Discovery Center to others

  • 50 points for completing the mission completion survey

The Level Badges lineup:

Spaceflight Specialist -- Level 1/1000

Congratulations! You are on your first successful level of mission journey SAP Discovery Center.

Spaceflight Explorer – Level 2/5000

Way to Go! You are exploring and progressing very well in SAP Discovery Center.

Mission Pilot – Level 3/10000

Keep up the good work in SAP Discovery Center! Your teammates feel the love and are inspired.

Mission Officer – Level 4/25000

Congratulations! You are a leader for many people SAP Discovery Center.

Commander – Level 5/50000

Welcome Commander! You've earned your place among the best SAP Discovery Center.

What is SAP Discovery Center?

If you are brand new to SAP Discovery Center, we are glad you are hearing about it now! The Discovery Center is an enablement tool for all things SAP Business Technology Platform. It features two catalogs, a Mission Catalog and a Service Catalog, each connected to and integrated with each other. The service catalog allows customers to explore the features and functions of SAP BTP and its services, while the corresponding missions provide a detailed use case and structured path with comprehensive guidance on how to get started, including best practices.

When and how will I receive my first badge?

Our first set of badges will be rolled out at the end of November. To ensure that you receive your first badge(s), please enable syncing within your Discovery Center account. You can easily enable syncing by following these two simple steps:

  1. Hover over your Discovery Center avatar and select 'Product Settings.'

  2. Place a checkmark in the 'Publish Badges to SAP Community' box.

Please note: The badges are not awarded automatically. We award them manually, once a month. Hence, going forward, if you believe you met the requirements, but you haven’t been notified yet that you have earned this mission + badge, please be patient. It may take as long as a month for you to receive the badge after you’ve earned it.

What’s next?

Browse the catalogs, get a feel for the Discovery Center, and start earning your badges! Also, explore the assortment of SAP Community Missions and Badges.