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As of August 2016 SAP started reselling / servicing / supporting a new product. Originally called Telit deviceWISE, at SAP it is named SAP Device Management for IoT by Telit. It is the original Telit product but at SAP focused on (a) deployment for on-premise scenarios, and (b) naturally targeting SAP data targets such as HANA. deviceWISE is an established and leading IoT platform, allowing to model and monitor devices, broadly collect data, deploy code at the the device edge, just pass through or store data at the edge and the central management platform, and push data to various SAP targets.

At the mid-September 2016 SAP TechEd in Las Vegas I showed a few small Telit demos at the pre-conference IoT seminar. In the evening I redid them and recorded them in my hotel room. Not the most professional setup, but you'll get an idea of some of the features of the platform.

The demo shows four different devices connected to SAP Device Management for IoT by Telit, with a little bit of data processing. The main demo shows a Texas Instruments sensor tag generating data and sending it into the cloud via an iPhone app. A Telit "Enterprise Gateway" subscribes to the data via MQTT, and then pushes it to HANA. First the data is pushed every second, then only when the data passes a threshold.

The other three devices are just shown briefly:

  • A PLC's attributes are shown
  • A hardware gateway with the Telit "Asset Gateway" software installed is shown, with a sensor board attached, and a local program on the gateway processing the sensor data
  • A Raspberry Pi with a Grove sensor board is shown, also with local execution of a Telit program

The 30-minute video is here:

Let me know if you have any questions about this. I am the "product owner" for this product (not that we make it, but I represent it at SAP). Also let me know if you have ideas for scenarios how you would use this at your company.