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The scene throughout may show a stoic presenter rooted to one side, while technical presentation slides methodically redecorate the background. My surprising top takeaway: These four new SAP Solution Manager videos are action-packed! That is, the content covers prospective actions for this year, broad or individual optimization actions, to be initiated by SAP or by customers. These actions will determine your SAP Solution Manager future beyond 2019.

Video Series: ALM and Customer Support

Understanding how SAP Cloud ALM fits into SAP Solution Manager’s future helps when building a business case on how to best leverage SAP Solution Manager 7.2, for example. Part 5 of this informational series focuses on the road ahead with SAP Solution Manager.

Preview the action and link to my own fan-made teaser trailer:

Part 5: SAP Solution Manager Roadmap

Part 5 is the latest part added to the video series. Tim Steuer, Program Lead for SAP, talks about the future with SAP Solution Manager in four videos, which are about ten minutes long each.

Here are links to all four Part 5: SAP Solution Manager Roadmap videos:

Part 5: SAP Solution Manager Roadmap gives you a peek into actions to shape SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for the future. If my fan-made trailer is an indication, I obviously find all this exciting. But don’t take my word for it – take Tim’s! He has several words for it, though none more insightful than when he advises, “Check the link below the video.”

Get caught up with ALM and Customer Support, Parts 1-4 via the ALM video series playlist.
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