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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
New features available in the SP03 version of Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager:

Operations Dashboards

A new configuration option for Operation Dashboards is available for administrators:

  • From the operation dashboard, select the “Plus” button:



  • You can create a new instance of the Operation Dashboard:

  • Give a Title and Select your systems:

  • Choose between all Alerts/Metrics or Catalog

  • Save your instance

  • All alerts/Metrics will be displayed in 4 categories: Availability, Performance, Exception, Configuration….

  • In case of catalogs, only metrics/alerts in the catalog will be used and dispatched to the corresponding categories


Please note that the Flag “Use alert severity for Rating Only” will ignore all alerts with a lower severity in the overall rating:

Further edition must be done in the classic WD configuration application.


Database alerts & metrics grouping

Alerts and metrics of database or HANA database tenants supports grouping and catalogs propagation.

A new option is available in the configuration application:

The grouping for database or database tenants will be displayed as follow:

Current and Last Period supports

In the Control Center Dashboards, you can now differentiate between the last and current time range periods.


  • Current includes the current resolution: Today corresponds to Current 1 day.

  • Last does not include the current resolution. Yesterday corresponds to Last 1

Data Provider for Business Transactions

SP03 delivers a new data provider dedicated for business transactions reporting based on the STAD information:

Different filters for transactions, reports names and task types are available.

Available measures are : response time (total and average), CPU time, DB time, Wait time and number of dialog steps.


The corresponding query string is the following:


In case, multiple dimension's values are selected, the drilldown option will generate multiple data-points series based on the following values: Transaction, Report or Task:

Custom Focused Insights Launchpad

The Focused Insights launchpad supports now the creation of custom launchpad. A custom launchpad is a free selection of folders hierarchy and dashboards instances.

Custom launchpad pages are created from the 'Add' button from the Focused Insights launchpad.



Custom Launchpad contains folder and/or dashboard instances. The structure of the page is controlled with a list of items in the edition panel with the following rules:

  1. Same items are not authorised.

  2. Dashboards items should have a type and an ID.

  3. Items with errors cannot be created, or updated

  4. Items with warning can be created, or updated.

  5. You need to save for changes to take effect on item.



Pages deletion and administration are accessible in the navigation bar.

Save and Cancel buttons are visible in the Page Management tab.

Once saved, custom pages are visible from the navigation panel:


A new URL parameter shows custom pages: pages=[page_id[,page_id …]]

Please note that the default page of all dashboards is always shown last in the list for Admin users. For standard users, the default page is displayed if no custom page is requested.

Cache Management

Two options are supported for OCC gadgets/dashlets content retrieval:

  1. Refresh: retrieve content from the shared-memory cache if available.

  2. Hard-Reload: reload data bypassing the cache.


Classic OCC



The "classic" OCC dashboard is now deprecated.

A redirection page to the "unified" look&feel is proposed.

URL Parameters

All Dashboards:

  1. ColorScheme=dark/light

  2. RefreshTimer=5,10,15,20

  3. autoSwitchOnIdle=true/X

  4. fullScreen=true (or X), to start dashboard in full screen


  1. view=tabular (or tiles), to use tabular or tiles.

  2. perspective=systems (or scenarios), to show systems or scenarios perspective

Operation Scenario:

  1. URL parameter entriesTitle with supported values: [l1, dash, dash_l1, l1_dash].

  • l1 (default): Take level 1 description as title

  • dash: Take instance description as title

  • dash_l1: Take instance description as title, and level 1 description as sub-title

  • l1_dash: Take level 1 description as title, and instance description as sub-title


Thanks for reading.

Check the user documentation here: