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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Operation Dashboard

Based on your catalog of critical alerts and incidents, Operation dashboard builds a real time snapshot of your IT solution status. You can organize and decompose freely your alerts and incidents catalogs in hierarchical structures based on your organization, landscape, locations, customers…Single alerts and incidents are then propagated to the upper levels of your hierarchical structure to offer at the end a single summary view which reports real time on the status of your solution, whatever its complexity.

You can pick alerts and incidents from any producer available in Solution Manager (Application Operation, Business Operation, Business Process Improvement, End-user Experience Monitoring, ITSM…)

It is possible to navigate into your reporting tree to go from the top aggregated level up to the detail of a single event. From the detail of an event, you can jump-in to native expert tools offered by Solution Manager or build your own view to monitor additional contextual information. The dashboard is designed to be displayed in a control center, a computer or in a mobile device.

You can create as many dashboard instances as you want, to cover several catalogs or build different role oriented views over the same catalog. Template mechanism helps to tackle mass configuration for large landscapes. 

In this blog, we will show how to create an Operation Dashboard for your OCC based on Business Process Monitoring.

HOW TO (step by step)

  • Enter dashboard title: “Demo Focused Insights”
  • Enter level 1 title: “Business Process”
  • Enter level 2 title: “Business Process Step”

  • Select tab Business Process
  • Select checkbox: “Use Real Business Process”
  • Click on selector to select a business process from solution documentation

  • Select Your Solution/ Scenario / Process

  • Select Business Process Step

  • Select Key Figures with the Helper

  • Key Figures are select with the arrow

  • Save the selection

  • Click on the following link to get the result

  • The dashboard is now ready to be distributed

Focused Insights (

Focused solutions for SAP Solution Manager, is the extension concept for SAP Solution Manager, with the idea of helping our customers meet their particular innovation needs on an individual basis, without the need for homegrown software or partner solutions.

The goal of Focused Insights is to build and distribute powerful customer-specific dashboards in minutes using state-of-the-art user experience.

The content delivered with Focused Insights has been designed to deliver, in real time, the most relevant and valuable information to the right people. While it provides full transparency of information stored inside SAP Solution Manager, it also takes into account the best practices and experience gained during numerous custom projects, offering a set of prepackaged dashboards tailored to your needs.

SAP Focused Insights offers specialized dashboards for experts as well as management or non-technical users. Whether they address the CIO or an expert, dashboards remain consistent among each other since they rely on the same data sources mixed up and presented in different granularities or aggregation levels

Focused Insights comes with a rich content. It fully exploits the huge amount of data stored inside SAP Solution Manager. Metrics produced by the activation of a scenario, whether it is IT or business related, become immediately available to the prepackaged dashboards. Raw metrics can be grouped or combined to produce advanced metrics and high level KPIs.