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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


  • Do you need strong control over your business KPIs for your SAP Solutions?

  • Are you missing full visibility of system operation for your SAP landscapes?

  • Do you need a tool tailored to your specific operational needs?

  • Do you have full control on your SAP applications life-cycle?

  • Are you facing High Operating and Application Management Cost?

Focused Insights

Focused Insights has been designed to help CIO or SAP Competency Center Manager to answer to their main challenges:

  • Gain full transparency on your SAP Solutions.

  • Get full control of your Operations, Application Management.

  • Align IT strategy to your organization goals.



Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager empowers your IT organization to build and distribute powerful Dashboards in minutes.

It provides rich and professional dashboard prepackaged content based on SAP Best Practices for OCC and ICC implementation

No programming is needed, to access to all your metrics and indicators in form of trends, historical, compliance and statuses view.

What are your immediate benefits?

  • Prepackaged content with simplified configuration models, no programming needed

  • Monitor 800+ best-practice KPIs, pre-selected for standard use cases

  • Mix real-time or historic metrics from across all SAP Solution Manager use cases

  • Enable top-level, strategic, KPI driven management for the business solution for IT and Business

How to start

Check out the online demo on :



SAP Focused Insights unifies, aggregates and correlates SAP Solution Manager’s metrics in single comprehensive views.

It offers standard and best practices content supporting multiple sources based on all SAP Solution Manager scenarios and areas for RunSAP and BuildSAP.

SAP Focused Insights is organized in three levels (Operation, Governance and Strategic) and packaged as Dashboards Models. A model is a pre-defined template corresponding to a best practice use-case (OCC, Monitoring, Tactical, …) that you configure to tailor your own needs.

Once deployed to your SAP Solution Manager, you can create multiple instances of any of the available dashboard model with specific configuration elements like metrics selection, thresholds, systems, time periods..

Once dashboard instances are configured and customized, you can publish them inside your organization via URLs managed by roles and authorizations.



SAP Focused Insights is organized in three levels (Operation, Governance and Strategic)




  • Align IT organization with corporate strategy,

  • Align business and IT organizations,

  • Measure service performance and progresses,

  • Communicate on organization’s strategic objectives,

  • Build automatically high level reports based on operational data.


  • Control solution status and trend against the forecasts,

  • Comply with service level agreements,

  • Compare monitored objects and identify the best approaches,

  • Correlate long term data,

  • Monitor and identify early good and bad trends.

  • Optimize the usage of resources


  • Access and manipulate all SAP Solution Manager’s metrics,

  • Design custom specialized views,

  • Mix up scenarios and data sources,

  • Build hierarchies and aggregated indicators,

  • Tackle large and complex landscapes,

  • Jump-in to integrated SAP Solution Manager expert tools,

  • Publish appealing user interfaces which improve efficiency.


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