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This blog covers the new functionalities of the Operations, Tactical, Service Level Report and Strategic dashboards.


Dashboard creation wizard

Generate an Operation Dashboard in a few click for your complete landscape.

It is based on a predefined structure:

  • First level: Systems

  • Second level: Alerts and metrics categories

Add all alerts and metrics activated on the system. Select only a subset corresponding to an Operation catalog.



Catalog Import/Export

Catalog for Operation Dashboards are manageable through an import/export functionality:


Save catalogs and import them to another Focused Insights installation.


HANA Memory category

SP04 introduces a new category for the Hana Memory Database with the following predefined metrics:

  • Database used memory.

  • Database resident memory.

  • Available Physical memory.


3 indicators are displayed in the summary tiles:

  • Used memory for Yesterday/Day in GB

  • Percentage of used memory compared to available physical memory for Yesterday/Day in %.

  • Trend : Resident memory for the last 8 weeks.



Service Level Report (SLR)


Metrics Catalog support

Configure your Service Level Report from your predefined templates catalogs.

Manage your catalogs of metrics from your OCC dashboards with the “Discoverable” flag.


Configure Service Level Objectives parameters from the catalogs by setting

  • Service level target

  • Time frame and resolution


More information here.


PDF export

SLR Dashboards can be exported to PDF format


Metrics Catalog support

Configure your Strategic dashboard from predefined templates catalogs.

Manage your catalogs of metrics is done from an OCC dashboard with “Discoverable” flag.


Configure Score Objectives parameters by setting the score compliance objectives and the metrics targets:


More information here.



Thanks for reading.
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