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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog covers the new functionalities of the OCC dashboard.


Operation Control Center (OCC)

  • Current and Last Period supports

  • Global time range managements

  • Data Provider for Business Transactions

  • Data Provider for Batch Jobs

  • Data Provider for ABAP Table

  • Cache Management

  • Time Dimension Link

  • Bubble Chart

  • Dashboards Import/Export

  • Dynamic Table Renderer filtering

  • Renderer for HTML Text and SLR Tiles

  • Shift Option


Current and Last Period supports

Accurate Period selection with ‘current’ and ’last’ attributes to improve the period/resolution management:

  • Current: includes the current resolution: Today corresponds to Current 1 day.

  • Last: does not include the current resolution. Yesterday corresponds to Last 1 Day.


Global time range managements

Adapt dynamically the ‘Auto/Auto’ resolutions to the Global Time Range at runtime.


Data Provider for Business Transactions

Based on the STAD information, this new data provider displays key indicators for response time (total and average), CPU time, DB time, wait time and number of dialog steps.

You can additionally filter or drill-down for transactions, reports names and task types.


Data Provider for Batch Jobs

Based on the JSM (Job Scheduling Monitoring) scenario, it displays key indicators for Number of executions, Average duration, Minimum duration, Maximum duration, Average delay, Total duration, Total delay. You can filter or drill-down for system, status, job names, execution and scheduling users



ABAP Table Data Provider

Read time series and data from a database table located on Solution Manager or on an ABAP managed system connected to Solution Manager with a new data provider /STDF/DP_TABLE.

Database structure is managed by a Focused Insights internal configuration table located on Solution Manager /STDF/DP_TAB_SRC. It contains the definition of the dimensions and measures contained in the target table.

You can get more information in this blog.



Cache Management

Manage for the content of your OCC dashboards with one of the following options:

  • Dashboard: Clean cache. Reload all dashboards content with fresh data.

  • Gadget: Refresh/ Hard reload: Reload content for individual gadget.


The following table provides the rules applied


For the LAST_X_Y periods, the cache is applicable on all Focused insights OCC Data Providers that use series renderers (LINE_CHART, COLUMN_CHART...).

(*) For the CURRENT_X_Y periods, the cache is only applicable with the following Data Providers

  • DP_EWA,

  • DP_BPA,

  • DP_BPO,





Time Dimension Link

Define gadgets relationships in dashboards between 1 influencer and N dependents.

Time Dimension Period of the dependants gadgets is defined by the selected data points (Resolution) on the influencer gadget.




Dashboards Import / Export

A new powerful mechanism lets you create library of dashboards.

  • Dashboards definition are exported as text files (json format).


  • Parameters can be injected in dashboard content during the export process.


  • Parameters are replaced during the import process with free text or data providers context information.



Dynamic Table Renderer filtering

You can add filters in the Dynamic Table with the attribute "Filter Values".

Select values in Dynamic Table to be filtered by default.


The syntax is: Column1:Val1,Val2&Column2:Val21


Renderer for HTML Text and SLR Tiles

A new renderer HTML_RENDERER displays Tiles and/or Text as HTML format.

This is available for all data providers: A new Option Group is added for all DPs allowing the selection of the HTML content to be displayed.


Options: You can select one of the 3 options below:


  • HTML: The gadget will consider to display only the HTML content. The content could contain link to images or a base 64 images.

  • Tile: The gadget will consider to display only tiles.
    The tile will contain the SLR_RENDERER value according to the specified SLA. It supports also the color rating.

  • HTML and Tile: The gadget will display Tiles on the top of the HTML Content (Default)




Shift Option

The shift option lets you influence time series dimension by changing the start date of time series.



Part III: Click Here



Thanks for reading.