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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Focused Insights Product Management and Services (SAP Digital Business Services) is pleased to announce that Focused Insights 2.0 SPS04 for SAP Solution Manager is available. (Release ST-OST 2.0 SP04 - August 2019).


In this set of articles, we will provide you with a description of the new functionalities delivered with Focused Insights ST-OST 2.0 SP04.






  • Custom Launchpad

  • Multi-carousel

  • Enhanced user authorisation control

  • API for SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Dashboards URL parameters extension


Custom Launchpad

  • Create your own launchpad.

  • Structure it with folders and mix instances from any dashboard model supported by Focused Insights.

  • Navigate from the page in embedded or new window mode.

  • Display in carousel mode the content of your launchpad.

  • Publish them with a direct read-only URL with the &pages parameter.

  • Manage access with standard Focused Insights authorisations object: Authorisation key: DFL.




Combine all types of dashboards in carousel mode: Automatic switch to full-screen mode when idle.


Authorisations concepts

Display User

  • Authorisation objects: /STDF/APPD: Display and Change activities with IDs for dashboards and pages.

    • ex: DFL_R1 for page ID ‘R1’, OCC_1 for OCC instance ‘1’


Administrator User

  • Authorisation Object: /STDF/APPC: Display, Change, Add and Delete activities with IDs.



Dashboards customisations

New set of URL parameters used to customise dashboards behaviours.



SAP Analytics Cloud API

Publish any Focused Insights metrics to the SAP Analytics Cloud with 3 possible formats:

  • Tables,

  • Time Series,

  • DataSets.


Connect your SAC Tenant to your SAP Solution Manager with the SAP Cloud Connector.

Build SAC models out of a generic Focused Insights oData connection.

Select dimensions and measures directly from the SAC graphical editor.



oData entities are exposed with the oData service: /STDF/SAC_EXTRA_SRV

  • Time Series: GadgetSeriesSet(GadgetID)

  • Table: GadgetTableSet(GadgetID)

  • Datasets:

    • Dynamic entities are exposed by running the following report:

    • /STDF/GENERATE_DYN_ENT with the gadget ID as as parameter.

Check this blog for more details on the SAP Analytics Cloud API for Focused Insights.


Part II: Click here


Thanks for reading.