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Last month (July 2022), the latest Service Pack (SP10) of Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager has been released for the Customers. With this SP release a lot of exciting and much awaited features have been added across all Focused Build and Focused Insights Fiori apps. You can find more information about all the improvements in different areas of the Requirements-to-deploy process in the blog detailed out here. But in this blog post, I want to concentrate on the improvements which has been done in Mas Change Operations(MCA) app.

Column re-sizing for the documents list table for all document types

As part of the Focused Build customer connect program we got a lot of requests for providing column resizing feature for all the columns of documents list table across all the document types in MCA app. Customers were finding difficulty to see the full details inside the table as the columns size were fixed. But with SP10 release we addressed this and have replaced the table control itself with a new UI5 table control which provides the column re-size feature out of the box.

Mass Change Operations table column re-size

New table row status indicators

Prior to SP10, there was a dedicated column in the documents list tables to represent the change status of a table row in MCA. But with SP10 this column is completely removed as there was a better way to represent the change status based on SAP Fiori design guidelines. Now UI5's row highlighter is used to represent the change status of a changed row inside the documents list table. Functionally, there is no change in the behaviour, only user experience representation has been improved to be as close to SAP Fiori design guidelines as possible.

Mass Change Operations Table status indicators

Sorting and freezing of table columns

With the new UI5 table control, users also get sorting and freezing options in each column as out of the box feature.

Mass Change Operations table sorting and freezing

Expand option to see and work with more documents

With this improvement users can also drag the table from the bottom to load more documents from the backend so that they can work with more documents in parallel.

Mass Change Operations table expand feature

New value help control for wave and project phase columns

The wave and project phase dropdowns are converted to value help fields to better support the new table control. As per previous behaviour, the wave and project phase value help fields would show the data once a project is selected in Project Name column.

Mass Change Operations Wave and Project Phase F4

Harmonized business partners search integrated for all business partner fields

All the business partner fields across all the document types in MCA are now integrated with advanced and improved business partner search to ease the business partner selection in the app. For more details on the available functionalities of this new search help please go through my previous blog post.

Mass Change Operations table harmonize business partners search

Key Takeaways

  1. With these additions of new features in MCA app, mass change of different document types become more efficient and manageable from user experience perspective.

  2. New fully integrated advanced harmonized business partners search provides more flexibility to the end users to search the business partners in an optimized way.

Please feel free to provide feedback either directly here in the comment section or, in case of questions, you can submit them here. You are also encouraged to follow SAP Solution Manager tag here and Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager tag here.

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