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I think you are going to like this bit of news: Thanks to the great success of Focused Insights and Focused Build in the SAP MaxAttention arena, SAP has decided that all customers can now benefit. This is especially interesting for customers using SAP ActiveEmbedded and SAP Value Assurance Service Packages.

Focused Build: Requirement to Deploy

With Focused Build:Requirement to Deploy, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 as a smart delivery platform does not rely on traditional waterfall approaches, but uses agile software-engineering methods. This means that progress is measured in terms of working functions or products. There is no traditional blueprinting, but rather, a prototype-based methodology that breaks tasks into small increments, and iterations that have short time frames (sprints). SAP Activate Best Practices and SAP Model Companies make sure that you do not have to start on a blank page.

Multiple iterations may be required to release a product or new features, as changing requirements are welcome, and documentation is pragmatic and kept to a low level. This means that the project team does not need to understand each and every business requirement to the last level of detail; instead, you focus on a part of the end-to-end solution, prototype it, get the customer buy-in, and extend the scope in iterations from there. As the methodology and processes are ready-to-run and preconfigured, the reporting is completely automated and the project teams have complete visibility of the projects progress and status at all times. Find out more at


Focused Insights

Focused Insights aims to deliver the most relevant and valuable information to the right people, in real-time. While the solution provides full transparency of information stored inside SAP Solution Manager, it also takes into account best practices and experience gained during numerous customer projects, offering you a set of prepackaged dashboards that you can tailor to your needs virtually in minutes.Data the dashboards present range from highly aggregated and historical data up to real-time raw data to support operators and experts. Dashboards and their views are consistently integrated, you can navigate from one to the other to get the big picture or drill down to details of a single metric.

When applicable, links to contextual, SAP-Solution-Manager-native tools are incorporated. Mark: Focused Insights is not only for IT nerds. It can be used, e.g., by CIOs for displaying IT scorecards, by technical users for expert views, by managers for obtaining long-term statuses and trends, by service managers for controlling service level agreements, by business users for viewing the real-time status of a solution, and by a customer or a non-technical user for setting up a service performance report. Anyone from the IT department or any consumer of IT services may at some point of time benefit from SAP Focused Insights. Find out more at


The whole story about usage rights for Focused Build and Focused Insights in a nutshell

The god news is that all customers can benefit.

As an SAP Standard Support customer you are entitled to use the functional baseline of SAP Solution Manager. The only way to extend this limited scope, and to be able to use the Full Functional Scope of SAP Solution Manager, is to go to SAP Enterprise Support. You can find details on the general usage rights for SAP Solution Manager on the SAP Support Portal.

Both, SAP Standard Support and SAP Enterprise Support customers can buy Focused Build and Focused Insights in the SAP Store. The license model is simple: You decide how many users need the usage rights and then simply purchase the number of users in SAP Store. The model is a rental model, and you pay $275 per user per year - and only for the users that actually work with Focused Build or Focused Insights. If users work with both focused solutions they need licenses for Focused Build and Focused Insights, i.e. the licenses add up to $ 550 for these users per year.

For Premium Engaement (PE: SAP MaxAttention, SAP ActiveEmbedded) customers, the usage rights become valid as soon as you have booked a dedicated service for PE. "Agile Methodology and Tool Coach" gives you the usage rights for Focused Build: Requirement to Deploy, for Focused Insights the service is called "SAP ESRV OCC Reporting & Dashboarding". After service delivery, you can use the functionality with as many users as you want - as long as your Premium Engagement is in place. Should you choose to discontinue your Premium Engagement, there are the following options:

  1. You stop using the focused solutions. For Focused Insights, this means that you do not open the dashboards created with Focused Insights and do not create new dashboards. For Requirement-to-Deploy this means that you do not manage new projects or existing projects with Focused Build.

  2. You license the users you need to have access to dashboards with Focused Insights, or manage projects with Focused Build. Then, you license, as mentioned above, through the SAP Store for Focused Insights and Focused Build.

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