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Phew! Floorplan Manager and Web Dynpro ABAP applications are changing their image! We are changing the way our components look and behave and harmonizing them with the new SAP Fiori design; the intention being a much smoother user experience when you want to integrate your FPM/WDA applications using the SAP Fiori design principles.

We know that FPM and WDA can still do sexy :wink:

I’d like to see these changes. What should I do?

You can see these changes when you set the active UI guideline (WDUIGUIDELINE) to the value FIORI. For more details about this parameter, see Application Parameters in the Web Dynpro ABAP documentation in the SAP Help Portal.

What are the changes I can expect?

You’ll notice the theme change first. Blue, baby, blue. The SAP Blue Crystal theme is used for the FIORI UI guideline. If you haven’t seen it before, click here.

Other changes include the following:

  • Search Component

There is a new, space-saving filter bar for the selection of search criteria, based on a redesigned WDA Select Options component (see following screenshot). The Saved Searches button is replaced by a Variants popover in the filter bar and the Personalize (Settings) dialog box is now integrated into a new Manage Variants popover. There are also some changes in the F4 helps of the search criteria too; you can click them to display the Select dialog box allowing you to define more complex conditions.

  • New Message Area

A new message area design, NOTIFICATION_ICON, provides a more modern look and feel to the message area. When an error arises, the system displays an error-notification icon and a popover displaying the messages. The popover can be pinned (in FPM it’s pinned to the page header area) and expanded.

  • List ATS and Tree Components

The handling of views (aka variants) is similar to the Search/filter bar variants. When you open an application, a dropdown list box in the toolbar displays the name of the current variant. When you start making changes to the variant, an asterisk appears next to the name of the variant to indicate that the changes are not yet saved. To save the changes, you click the arrow next to the variant name to display a new Variants dialog box and choose Save As. There’s also a Manage Variants dialog box showing, additionally, which variants are global and which are private. Administrators will also see on which configuration layer the variant has been created. In contrast to other UI guideline rendering, only Administrators can make changes to a variant created on a different configuration layer.

When are these changes available?

The value FIORI for the WDUIGUIDELINE parameter is available with SAP_UI component 750 SP00 onwards, as are most of the other changes described above. The new Message Area and the changes to the OIF and GAF floorplan toolbars are available with SP01.

That’s your introduction to the ‘Fiorification’ of WDA/FPM for now. Have fun in the world of SAP Fiori!

Celeste Hoefkens and Janice Yonick