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At SAP, we understand the importance of efficient data management. For decades, we have been helping companies of all sizes to reach their true potential and take advantage of all the information these businesses record. Today, the number of data sources available to every business can seem countless, even overwhelming at times. Because of the volume of data available, Forrester reports that 70% of company data is never analyzed.

Until recently, traditional data warehouses have been employed to consolidate data sources and prepare information for analysis.  However, as our data consumption and management needs change, businesses require new solutions that will allow them to digest that data and make better short and long-term decisions. Moving existing data warehouses to the cloud has proven challenging and many enterprises settle for simple cloud data products with limited features.

If you’re still unsure if a cloud data warehouse is the right choice for you, here are five main points you should take into consideration when choosing the right solution for your business.


1. Easy and Fast Deployment

One of the reasons businesses are serious about data warehousing in the cloud is the ease of deployment. Without unnecessary upfront cost for hardware and training, cloud data warehousing is an attractive solution for companies who are seeing their traditional data warehouse cost skyrocket.


2. A Single View of All Your Data

As we mentioned before, the sheer amount of data that your company has to make sense of is increasing with each day. A cloud data warehouse is meant to provide you with a single, unobstructed view into all your databases and all the data they contain. Whether it’s your quantitative data from your sales team or qualitative data from your social media team, you should be able to view, connect, and see any correlation between any number of datasets.


3. Data Transformation With a Click of a Button

Nowadays data gets recorded in a myriad of ways in countless formats. Translating these datasets into one format may very well take days or weeks to complete. Such sluggish efforts can easily stifle your business growth.

For example, many enterprises are moving away from the ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) approach and towards the ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) approach in order to provide real-time updates and data access on-demand.  A true enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse should allow you to take full advantage of the ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) approach so that your data is prepared and ready for analysis at any time.


4. Empower Your Non-Technical Employees

One of the main reasons to implement a cloud data warehouse is to support better decision making. To do that, you have to provide your employees with a rich set of tools and features that will help them easily perform data analysis tasks. They should also be able to connect to new applications and data resources without the need for technical expertise.


5. Scale Your Solution With Your Business

One of the main benefits of a cloud data warehouse is its customizability and scalability. While assessing your proffered solution, pay attention to the cost structure. Your cloud data warehouse should have the option to store large amounts of data depending on your needs and to easily prepare it for analysis and reporting. Separating the storage pricing from the computing pricing is one way to drive down the costs.


SAP for All Your Data Warehouse Cloud Needs

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud meets all of the above criteria to become your go-to data management and analytics solution. Our guiding principles are to minimize workload for IT and empower business users. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, ease of use is not limited to IT personnel only but also extends to end-users – your business employees. Now, getting real-time insights from data is much easier and the value of your data is increased exponentially.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is designed to be the single source of truth for all of your data-driven applications and people. It consolidates all types of data from any source to provide a single view of your business. The best part is you won’t have to move your data to benefit, you can simply connect to it directly where it sits.

We’ve designed the solution with an intuitive user interface (UI) and created simple user experiences. Now, anyone can use SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to discover insights and make more informed business decisions. By separating storage and compute resources, you’ll benefit from better performance and quicker access to data without increasing costs. The power of SAP HANA Cloud runs SAP Data Warehouse Cloud at unprecedented speeds and lets you take advantage of your data in real time.