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ravindra.channe is today #5 in our 12-month leaderboard in the HANA Developer Center. Perfect time to learn more about one of our top participants. Get to know Ravi and read this interview.

1. Please tell us something about you, what is your background, your relationship to SAP?
[Ravi] I come from the traditional database background. I worked on multiple versions of different Industry standard relational databases for more than 8 years during the initial phase of my career. I had done lot of data modeling on OLTP systems before moving to Data warehousing modeling. I was involved in lot of Query and PL SQL coding, along with Database administration tasks across multiple databases and versions, which helps me immensely while working on SAP HANA. After attending the SAP education training on SAP BW 3.0B, I completed the SAP BW 3.0B certification and shifted to packaged Data Warehousing implementation.

I currently work with Infosys Ltd which is the Strategic System Integration partner for SAP. I work for the SAP BI practice in Infosys as the Lead Architect for SAP BI projects.

2. What excites you about SAP HANA? Do you have a specific use case or scenario, where you used it?

[Ravi] The entire journey with SAP HANA since Nov 2011 had been quite exciting. I started with the self-study and then the training at Walldorf, followed by the certification exam. I started working on SAP HANA with the revision 24, implementing Proof of concepts for BW on HANA and then Native HANA scenarios. Since then it has been a long and very enriching learning experience working on different revisions of SAP HANA appliance. During the work for more than one year, there had been numerous interactions with the SAP HANA development teams and SAP HANA Product managers. The learning opportunity on the new Database architecture and trying to relate it to the past experience on traditional relational databases, is like revisiting the exciting past every time.

I implemented multiple scenarios for SAP BW on HANA for different BW modeling architectures and compared the performance with respect to SAP BW with BIA and then with Native HANA Information models. The objective had been to define the best practices for SAP HANA implementation for a large scale BI application with combination of BW on HANA and Native HANA architecture.

3. What motivates you to be active in the HANA Developer Center community and to answer questions?

[Ravi] The learning opportunity on SCN HANA Developer Center is quite vast. The different experiences, issues shared by so many active members provide a great deal of a knowledge base. I try to implement many of the issues posted and it helps me enhance my own knowledge on SAP HANA. There are so many scenarios which I would not have encountered or thought about during my regular work on SAP HANA, but the challenges posted by the members help me think in the different direction.

The learning and sharing has become a sort of an addiction now. :smile: The collaborative learning and sharing helps increase the knowledge base. As truly said, “Knowledge increases by sharing”. This sense of “I can learn something new today” keeps me highly motivated.

Apart from the learning, it also helps me connect with different experts all over the world.

4. Do you have a wish for a future HANA Developer Center?

[Ravi] It would be very helpful to have a Sample Scripts / Code section. Members can contribute code snippets, tools, utilities or “Gotcha” things in this section. This is different from the blogs / documents which are more elaborative and concept oriented.

5. How can we improve our offers for HANA developers?

[Ravi] a corner for “Views from the Expert” which should invite the one of the Product Managers from SAP HANA development team once a month to provide an outlook of what is planned for the future or point of view on any significant feature planned in future releases of SAP HANA.

Thank you Ravi for your time! ravindra.channe!

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