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We just started a series of interviews with top participants of the Developer Center. We want to introduce the people who are leading the leaderboards, so that you get to know the people behind the points! Our first interview of this series is "FiveQuestionsFor... BILL RAMOS". Bill is currently #4 of the HANA Developer Center leaderboard. Learn more about Bill reading this interview.
1. Please tell us something about you, what is your background, your relationship to SAP?

[bill.ramos] As a kid, I loved taking things apart and then trying to put them back together to see how things worked. Of course, I learned early from trying to dismantle the family TV that things don’t always turn out as expected. :smile:

This curiosity and the drive to make things easier for people to use technologies like databases, lead to my career in the software business starting with Ashton-Tate and Borland working on the dBASE product line. From there, I moved north to Redmond Washington to work on making database design tools for SQL Server and Oracle. It was then on to the world of Microsoft Office where I worked on making MS Access easier to use with SQL Server and SharePoint. As the program manager lead for MS Excel and Access for the Office 2003 release, I had the privilege of working with a great team to develop Excel lists and other integration features with SharePoint, XML, and Web Services. The calling of SQL Server caught my attention where I had a chance to work with another great team in developing the manageability and performance troubleshooting tools in SQL Server Management Studio for the SQL Server 2005, 2008, and SQL Server 2008 R2 release. In 2010, I saw a great opportunity to join my current company - Advaiya Inc. – where I got the chance to immerse myself in the world of technology marketing of a variety of large software vendors. I now lead a great team of consultants that help our technology partners make their products shine.

Lately, I’ve been knee deep in the world of SAP HANA One on AWS for several projects in my side role as Database Architect for Advaiya. Recently, I’ve worked on marketing projects for the SAP-Microsoft alliance teams on how Microsoft and SAP technologies work better together.

2. What excites you about SAP HANA? Do you have a specific use case or scenario, where you used it?

[Bill] What’s cool about SAP HANA is how it closely integrates the traditional OLTP row tables with DW column tables and Analytic views into a single in-memory model. The addition of XS in SPS5 is now inspiring me to learn more about HTML5 development. This cool innovation saves me the hassle of having to spin up a separate web server to quickly develop data-based web applications using AWS cloud services.

The first use case that I looked at for HANA One was to provide an analytic front-end that would be used by researchers to look at trends in human genomic data and then allow them to download specific files for further research. As I got to learn the technology more on AWS, I could see how HANA could be applied to a variety of analytic applications with a combination of the business function library and the R library for predictive analytics.

3. What motivates you to be active in the HANA Developer Center community and to answer questions?

[Bill] I’ve always been active in the SQL Server community sharing my deep product insight with customers on the forums, blogs and at conferences. Applying that same vigor to the HANA Development community is simply in my nature. In the future, keep an eye out for future topics how to better manage and troubleshoot HANA based applications.

4. Do you have a wish for a future HANA Developer Center?

[Bill] Since you asked, for non-SAP customers, we HANA One users on AWS could really benefit from opening up the OSS notes on SAP HANA. There have been several instances where I ran across issues related to HANA that were previously reported in OSS notes. I could have saved myself a bunch of time diagnosing the problem if the OSS knowledge base for HANA was searchable and retrievable without an SAP Marketplace ID. I personally like the openness of Microsoft’s community in terms of their Connect program to report bugs and feedback and the availability KB articles to everyone.

5. How can we improve our offers for HANA developers?

[Bill] It would be great if somehow we could tease out from the community of consultants and partners the best practices – without the marketing spin – for working with SAP HANA. I know with all the certified consultants building solutions on SAP HANA, there has to be a wealth of information locked up in people’s heads or their practice. The HANA Development Center provides a great set of tools to build the community. Maybe it’s something as simple as converting reputation points into “Gift” cards. For example, I’m personally motivated by keeping my caffeinated level high through Starbucks offers. :smile:

Thank you Bill for your time! bill.ramos!

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