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Innovation is what drives progress and what changes society; without it progress would come to a screeching halt.   Whether you are a leader or follower, innovation and disruption is going to happen. You need to lead with innovation, or be left to respond to disruption. These are the critical success factors in business today as the pace of change accelerates, and more importantly, innovation impacts how we perform our work and live our daily lives

However, innovators are most often the unsung heroes who dare to dream, possess creativity to envision new possibilities and the courage to seize opportunities presented by new technologies. The SAP HANA innovation awards were designed to showcase and honor customers innovating with SAP HANA.

The winners were announced on June 3 at Sapphire. Watch the video to experience the excitement as the winners are announced and the first place winners receive their “big cheques” for charity. Congratulations to the winners on your achievement.

View winners on the award website , read the blog by Steve Lucas or listen to the session from Sapphire as Dan Lahl from SAP presents the HANA innovation award together with Steve Pratt from CenterPoint Energy, the first place winner of Big Data Innovator category.

Everyone loves a good contest

  • Customers using SAP HANA in production from 15 countries were invited  to enter their innovation story in 3 categories : Trailblazer Innovator; Social Hero Innovator; Big Data Innovator. Thanks to every one of you who participated and shared your story – every one of you is a winner!
  • Check out the 27 amazing stories that were shared by leading brands from 7 countries across the globe.  They provide a simple and powerful way for you to relate to their challenges and how they are empowering specific individuals by using SAP HANA.  More importantly they enable you to find your own inspiration to the possibilities of using SAP HANA to drive innovation.
  • 22 Finalists were selected by public voting format similar to American Idol and Dancing with the stars.  It was exciting to see how engaged folks got and how they mobilized colleagues and friends and even family to vote. The social buzz for the contest hashtag #HANAStory generated over 6M  impressions on twitter, 6.7K votes and 76.1K website visits - with a voting frenzy on the last 2 days of voting.

  • The SCN team were engaged and developed missions for the SAP Community to get involved almost 1800 SAP Community members participated in the Ready for the Innovation.award mission.

  • SAP User groups were invited to nominate judges and user groups from  from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA submitted nominations. We also had and an incentive for user groups to help spread the word and inform their members about the opportunity to participate in the award.   I am pleased to announce that ASUG has won the user group incentive for the most number of entries. Congratulations ASUG
  • 11 judges comprised of SAP User Group members and SAP employees reviewed and scored each of the 22 finalists using a score card to select the final winners. Thank you to all your hard work.

SAP HANA Innovation Awards - Be a Winner Next Year!

SAP and the community wants to learn from your amazing story.

How are you using SAP HANA to transform and re-imagine your business or changing the world.  Tell us how you are using SAP HANA to:

  • Improve business processes and performance
  • Overcome data management challenges
  • Drive new business models
  • Empower your workforce, customers and society

Stay tuned to more details about the contest

Last but not least please fill in the short survey on your experience and help us improve aspects that did not work so well. Link to survey

Thank you to everyone who supported this incredibly exciting project.