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In this blog post, I would like to explain

  • Requesting SAP Cloud ALM

  • Emails received for SAP Cloud ALM

  • First login to SAP Cloud ALM

Requesting SAP Cloud ALM

Based on your contract , SAP Cloud ALM may be included in your support contract already and an entitlement should have been created for you.

If you have an entitlement you can just to go SAP ONE Support Launchpad and request access to SAP Cloud ALM.   You can watch this video for more details.

Please ensure you read the Setup and Administration Guide

If you want to just try in a demo environment you can click here.

Once your SAP Cloud ALM tenant is provisioned, you can expect some emails in your Inbox.

Emails from SAP Cloud ALM

To understand the onboarding procedure and different emails sent by SAP , you can refer this video . In general the emails vary if you have a productive IAS tenant already or if a new one is created for you.

Scenario 1:In case a new IAS tenant is created

If you are a new customer and you don’t have a productive tenant of SAPs Identity and Authentication Service (IAS) yet, a new one is created for you that will also be the IAS tenant for your productive business system, e.g. SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

You need to look for an email

From: notification@sap*****

Subject: Activate Your Account for Identity Authentication Service

and should look like this

When you activate your account, you need to create a user ID and password:

Please take a note of these credentials. You will need them to log on to SAP Cloud ALM.

Scenario2:In case an IAS tenant already exists

In case an IAS tenant in productive space already exists and someone adds your user, then the email will look like this

From: notification@sap*******

Subject:  Activate Your Account for User Profile

First Logon as Administrator

As an administrator in the IAS tenant, you can

  • Add more administrators

  • Add more users for SAP Cloud ALM

After you’ve added more users for SAP Cloud ALM in the IAS tenant, you can log on to SAP Cloud ALM to give them the correct authorization roles.

You can choose the application area and authorizations role per application area as required. This is also explained in this video.

Welcome Email for SAP Cloud ALM

After the admin adds you to the system

You can expect a welcome email from SAP Cloud ALM

From:SAP Cloud ALM Notifications

Subject:Welcome to SAP Cloud ALM


You need to remember that you need to use the same credentials that you created in the previous steps.

Next steps

Make sure you watch this video

We plan to create multiple blog posts on various topics, therefore, please ensure you follow the tag SAP Cloud ALM .

You can also visit and bookmark the blog post link below which acts as a Master list or like a "Home Page" for Project and Task Management in SAP Cloud ALM
Project and Task Management capabilities-Master List

If you are specifically looking for some information, feel free to leave a comment and we can create topic based blog posts on demand.

For questions about SAP Cloud ALM, please post in the Q&A area.

You can also follow me by clicking jagmohansingh.chawla to get the latest updates