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SAP Web IDE have recently released the Run on CF feature which allows you to preview the UI of your application on Cloud Foundry during development.

In addition, this new feature allows you to test your UI changes against your Cloud Foundry OData Service without the need of configuring destinations and trust between Neo and Cloud Foundry and therefore reduces complexity and setup time.

Follow the steps in this blog to try it out.


Open SAP Web IDE and make sure your Cloud Foundry space is configured in the Preferences.


Create a Project

  • Create a Multi-Target Application (MTA)

  • Click File > New > Project from Template

  • Select the Multi-Target Application template

  • Provide a name

  • Check the Use HTML5 Application Repository checkbox

  • Click Finish


More information on the HTML5 Application Repository can be found here


Add UI module to your application

  • Right-click the MTA and choose New > HTML5 Module

  • Select a template (for my simple example I selected the List Report template)

  • Provide a name and a title

  • Choose a service.

  • Configure the data binding

  • Click Finish

Select a Data Service

Different types of services you can choose from:

  1. Local service from your workspace or file system

  2. External to SAP Cloud Platform like Service Catalog and Service Url. You will have to configure a destination from Cloud Foundry for these services

  3. SAP Cloud Platform services. You will not need to create a destination to these services


Run the App

Select your HTML5 module and click on the green play button in the upper toolbar to run the app.


Note that by default, the target environment in your run configuration is Cloud Foundry


The first run of your app deploys an Approuter module to your Cloud Foundry space. This can take 1-2 minutes the first time. 

When finished, a new browser tab opens, and the app is being launched and is using the Approuter in your space.

A separated user specific application will be created for you on your Cloud Foundry space

After changing your application's UI, Re-run takes only a few seconds!

Check out your console while running the app

 You can also configure the run configuration of your app and choose to run it with mock data