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The SAP Fiori Reference Apps are part of the SAP Web IDE. In this blog post I will show you how to access them.


  1. Getting an app

  2. Running the app with mock data

  3. Running the app against a real backend

1. Getting an app

Start the SAP Web IDE.

a) You can get the SAP Fiori Reference Apps from the Home Screen:

b) Or you can choose "File -> New -> Project from Sample Application":

Have a look at the available apps and choose the app you want to try out:

We have selected the "Approve Purchase Orders". Accept the terms and click finish:

The SAP Fiori Reference app is now copied to your SAP Web IDE workspace.

2. Running the app with mock data

To start a project we will first run it with mock data. At the end of the blog post you'll find a link on how to run it with a real backend.

Open the folder "webapp -> test" and right-click the file flpSandboxMockServer.html or testOVPwithMock.html.

Choose "Run -> Run as -> Web Application".

If you see the SAP Fiori Launchpad you can click on the first tile to start the app, otherwise the app starts automatically (Procurement Overview app).

Now you see the running application:

3. Running the app against a real backend

Please check out this blog post how to run the app agains a real backend.

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