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Thanks to all d-code participants to make this a great d-code experience.

Many questions on the Rapid Deployment Solution booth were asked. But my favorite moments are when the reaction to the answer is: “Really? I can do that? Where can I get it? Show me now!”.

This reaction I experienced, when I had explained that the rapid deployment solution shows in detail how you can integrate a Fiori app directly into your existing SAP Enterprise Portal, as a separate tab.

The iView for the Fiori app must be existing (provided by SAP), so that not all Fiori apps have an iView out-of-the-box at this point in time.This integration makes perfectly sense, if you already have the SAP Enterprise Portal up and running in your company, but you are only starting to use a few Fiori apps.

Let’s say, you are only rolling out only 3 Fiori apps to your employees and managers, then it might be overwhelming to introduce the complete Fiori Launchpad.

Another great advantage is that you can make use of the existing security setting of the SAP Enterprise Portal.

There are other accelerators of the Fiori apps Rapid Deployment package, that are also exiting. For example the rapid deployment accelerator documents provide for all “transactional” Fiori apps the SAP ERP Backend transaction codes. This will help you to check, if the implemented Fiori apps works, without necessarily having detailed knowledge of the SAP Backend processes.

For some Fiori apps the Rapid Deployment team has even documented the detailed customizing settings (not only the end-user transaction codes) needed for the Fiori app to run. This can be used as a pre-requisite check before starting the Fiori app deployment.

Be sure to download the complete package to get all the existing accelerators and documents. It’s for free for anybody logged-in with his Service Market Place user (S-user).

Thanks again for all the great questions.

If you have more question now, you can visit our SCN-site specifically on Rapid Deployment
Solutions and Fiori apps called SAP User Experience Rapid Deployment Solutions: