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Before my tenure at SAP I worked in the sales group of a business intelligence (BI) startup and I used to pitch-hit for our under-staffed training department. This meant that when they were in a bind, I’d occasionally jump in to do on-site training sessions with a new customer deploying our BI software.

While I enjoyed showing the solutions without the pressure of having to close a sales deal, I always found the database section, where I did a relational database 101 overview and connected our software, to be quite tedious.

Jump forward to today’s hyper-connected world, where everything is digitized, fueling new data-driven business models and there’s a lot more to be excited about.

It’s not the individual advancements in data processing technology that I’m jazzed about… it’s what happens when you combine the data from devices, sensors and machines, creating inventive scenarios and adding unique business value that I really appreciate – especially given the expanding data challenges organizations face.

As an example if a software provider or enterprise customer strings together a sensor with an embedded or remote database, adds real-time event processing software and a data warehouse with in-memory computing and then tosses in predictive analytics for good measure – they have a great recipe for:
- A smart vending machine that can deliver user recommendations and transaction history, or tell the candy supplier when a refill is needed. 
- Intelligent plant equipment that captures its own usage information and provides proactive repair warnings based on and historical failure data.
- Real-time fleet management systems that calculate the optimal distribution of work to maximize efficiency - distributing work to fleet assets in real time.

Add Cloud and mobile and of course all that exciting data management utility and information is available anywhere, anytime with lower TCO…

There seems to be an infinite number of operational situations, processes and business models where end-to-end data management creates new services and revenue streams delivering customer value.

And that’s exciting… 

If you’re interested in exploring more use cases like:
- Real-time problem solving
- Smart metering
- Real-time promotions
- Pattern and customer profitability analysis
…then feel free to navigate The Changing World of Data Solution Map,  our Data Management Solution Brief, or reach out to our OEM team. Many partners are already embedding SAP data management solutions with their offerings to reduce their time to market, differentiate their solution and open up new revenue opportunities.

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