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If you are an admin or a story designer you have probably wondered which of the stories in your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant are actually used and how often they are opened.

The admin cockpit in SAP Analytics Cloud helps you answer this question. You can find it in the SAC Content folder. Per default this application is available for admins, but it can be made available to more users by the tenant admins. For more general info about the admin cockpit and how to get it make sure to check out Thomas Fery’...

In a first step you might want to know which stories exist. Open the Admin Cockpit and go to the content section of the Admin Cockpit. When you select the stories in the second part of the page you get a full list of all stories including name, ID and description.

Admin Cockpit - Content

In a next step you want to know which of these stories are used a lot and which ones are not. For that you go to the usage tab and in the first section you find “objects by read activities”. Select the top 10 stories here. In the admin cockpit only the top 10 stories will be shown but you can get a full list by going to the more menu of the table and extracting a CSV with all. Then you have a full list in excel with the usage of your stories.

Admin Cockpit - Usage

In the same section you can also get a quick overview of the bottom 10 stories. And if you really want to know which stories are no longer used, you have the housekeeping section which gives you an overview over stories not in use which can potentially be deleted.

Admin cockpit - Housekeeping

What could this list of most used stories be useful for? As a designer it is of course good to know if your stories are being consumed. In case a story is not used much you can reach out to the target group to find out the reason why. Or you might find out that a report is no longer used and therefore can be retired.

For the stories that are used the most you might want to double down on performance improvements or make sure that they include the latest features. To take advantage of the latest features make sure to enable optimized view mode and check if your story can already be converted to the optimized design experience as well.

For more info on performance optimization as well as the optimized story experience check out the following blogs:

There will be some further enhancements coming for the Admin Cockpit in Q4. For details and more content around this topic thomas.fery

What do you use the information about the most used stories for? And which other insights from the Admin Cockpit do you find particularly useful?


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