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There is a common expression, “Keep your feet on the ground… and your head in the clouds.”. And in the age of the Internet of Things, this timeless business adage says it all.

As successful businesses make their first forays into edge computing, and the Internet of Things, they are also expanding their digital footprint in new and exciting ways. They are running data-driven business processes at the edge. And at the same time, they are enabling those processes from the cloud.

Living on the edge is becoming mainstream

This combined cloud-edge approach is more than a niche solution. It’s becoming mainstream.

According to a recent IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) 2020 Predictions report, “by 2023, 70% of IoT deployments will include edge-based decision making, supporting organizations' operational and strategic agendas”.

The Gartner's IT Automation Predictions for 2020 confirmed this by saying that “by 2023, at least 35% of mid-size to large enterprises will leverage a cloud-to-edge computing deployment model for at least one IoT project.

That is great news. Because at the edge or in the cloud, SAP is here to help businesses achieve business outcomes

The edge is no longer a wild frontier. Thanks to SAP and our partners, it is increasingly a settled, functioning, well-lit city bustling with energy. It’s all possible because SAP has the know-how, strength, and ability to run data-driven business processes at the edge, and close to the source of data.

Orchestrate in the Cloud, Run at the Edge: the best of both worlds

A growing number of companies no longer see cloud and edge scenarios as something experimental or transitional. They see them as the best of both worlds. That is why SAP provides our customers with the option to run applications and business processes at the edge but orchestrate them from the cloud.

Consider for example the ability to run modern warehouses. By taking core business processes of SAPs’ Digital Manufacturing solution in the cloud, and deploying them to the Edge, it makes it possible to run mission critical manufacturing processes – even when the Plant is disconnected from the cloud.

A safe, compliant IoT ecosystem

The advent of cloud-edge landscapes in the IoT era is creating a paradigm shift in IT security.

Strong, centralized management is becoming a necessity to make security work smoothly and effectively.

SAP’s solution accelerates customers’ transition to the cloud by addressing data privacy, security, latency, and regulatory requirements via Edge computing. This makes it possible to run business processes anytime, anywhere, and on site.

Offshore oil and gas platforms, for example, can drive business processes and synchronize transactions. This, in turn, enables mission-critical operations in energy exploration and supply chains.

Or consider sailing teams with intermittent network connectivity. Even in the middle of the ocean, they can become more competitive by delivering deep insights.

The scalability of the cloud augmented by the flexibility of the Edge creates a powerful new ecosystem. Which is why there is never been a better time for your business to capitalize on IoT and edge. Because when you have SAP as your core platform, you’re free to operate in one of the world’s most advanced, constantly expanding ecosystems. It’s a place where even the unimaginable is suddenly possible.

Free to operate

On the edge or in the cloud, a seamless SAP ecosystem is up and running strong. For you and your data, there’s no better place to be.

To learn more about the Internet of Things at SAP as well as the latest trends and innovations around industrial IoT check out our new IoT course on openSAP as well as

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