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Hi All,


SAP notes allow customers to get:

  • Important information and updates

  • Recommendations, tips and hints

  • Solutions and workarounds for problems they are facing


Until now, there has been no organized way of providing feedback or remarks for these notes - whether it’s missing additional symptoms, prerequisites, provides a solution that is not clear or any other comment on the note.  Positive feedback is also welcome.


Introducing the Enterprise Portal Notes Feedback Category:

When you want to provide feedback on an SAP note in the NetWeaver Enterprise Portal area (component EP-PIN*), you can open a discussion in the forum.

We will use your discussions about the notes for further review and improvement of the notes.

This will have two advantages:

  • Notes will improve  and get closer to real issues

  • You, as customers, will be able to find notes more easily, understand the notes better and reach problem resolution faster


How to provide feedback on a note:

  1. Create a new question in the SAP community (Community-->Questions&Answers) : direct link

  2. Enter the title: “Feedback on EP SAP Note <note number>”

  3. In the Primary tag area, enter "SAP Enterprise Portal"

  4. In the Additional tag enter "SAP Notes Management"

  5. Write you feedback and submit the note

  6. This is important in order for us to filter other notes and find these posts directly.







Thanks for your cooperation!


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