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February was a busy month thanks to YOU contributors!

Here is all about the community buzz from the Process Orchestration, PI & SOA Middleware, B2B Integration, Business Process Management and Business Rules Management spaces.

Moderators’ picks

Licensing update:

Try SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration in Public Cloud!

Released: SP1 of B2B Add-on and SFTP PGP with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

In this blog piyush.gakhar introduces SP1 of the SAP B2B Add-on and Secure connectivity Add-on and the variety of new features and enhancements that are delivered.

BPM Reporting API: Description and Usage | BPM Analytics: Dashboard and API |

BPM Analytics API: Custom Service and Crystal Reports

In his blogs vasil.tsimashchuk describes the analytical features shipped with SP6 of EhP 1 for SAP NetWeaver BPM 7.3, namely the NWA dashboard and the BPM Analytics API. In his last blog he also gives an example of a web service which uses the BPM Analytics API including code.

Business Process Analytics in SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM)

In this video tutorial ralf.schaub demonstrates how process owners and administrators have full visibility into SAP NetWeaver BPM processes and messages flows via real-time monitoring and dashboards.

Genius #SAPNetWeaver #BPM Expressions worth knowing

An excellent guide into SAP NetWeaver BPM expressions and mapping techniques by jocelyn.dart. Have you found any others? Or a better XPath reference? Please let us know

Readers Digest for SAP NetWeaver DSM and BRFplus

Check out this blog by carsten.ziegler for new and informative publications about SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (SAP NetWeaver DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).

Get your free BPM Enterprise Pattern models for SAPNetWeaver Process Orchestration here

In this blog jocelyn.dart explains what are enterprise patterns for, what does it take and how to use them, plus shares a free download to help those of you who are getting into the wonderful world of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration.

Generate a Migration Report to estimate the migration effort from PI dual-stack to AEX

Migration from PI dual-stack to single-stack (java-only) can be a daunting task. In this article presents a java client program (read only) to be used to browse through all the configurations in the Integration Directory and produce a report helpful for the preliminary assessment of the migration task in your landscape.

SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA is here!

Test Drive it and join ramp-up now! Check out the overview video and share your thoughts on the related blog by peter.mcnulty.

Blogs and articles

IFG for PI: Subscription process for new PI Features in SAP Customer Connection Program

by holger.himmelmann2

The Top 10 Mistakes made by Workflow Beginners

Another 10 Common Mistakes made by Workflow Beginners

by paul.bakker2

What’s a little variant between friends, anyway?

by susan.keohan

Dynamic agent assignment to determine recipients in SAP Workflow

by abhijit.mandal2

How to connect SAP to the Ariba Network using Netweaver Process Integration/Orchestration

by sridharraju.mahali

AWS charges Stopping you from Trying Process Orchestration? Try This.

by sunil.singh13

Stateless Enterprise Integration Patterns on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

by alexander.bundschuh

Solving Authentication Issue by using TCPMON Tool

by venkataramesh.boppana

Step By Step to adjust the date range selection of data from DataSource in Visual Composer Project

SAP PI 7.11 The step by step manual which helps you create the File to File scenario based on Java M...

by mikhail.lukyanau

Key elements of a BPM functional specification

by bala.krishnan2

Logs Lord of PI

by divyesh.vasani

Quick Useful Notes in PI

by swathi.bobbity

null in the SAP PI mapping context queue

by daniel.graversen

The Message Tracking Series - Part 1 (Update / Migration)

by stefan.hilpp

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”

by g.koopmann

Using PGP in Process Integration


Another way to get the libraries for XI development for 7.1 for java mapping

by gagandeep.batra

IDOC_AEE Receiver Configuration with PO7.3 JAVA Only Stack

by ranjeet.singh2

Graphical Mapping Support in NWDS

by gautam.purohit2

SAP PI integration with REST API

by peter.ha3

How to generate target file name based on the input attachment file name

by indrajit.sarkar

Michal's PO/PI tips: how to get the required SCs for specific type of deployment

Michal's PO/PI tips: InterfaceDetermination -RoutingException -SendToModuleProcessorFilter - errors

by michal.krawczyk2

Generate automatic email alerts listing the communication channels in error

by kumaresh.d

SAP PI 7.31 : Java properties comparison. A security Hole?

SAP PI 7.31 : ABAP proxy monitoring and Alerting using CBMA

by rajesh.shanmugasundaram2

Some Prerequisite for SOAP Communication with XI Protocol in SAP system

Inserting the Data into Excel File Using SAP PI

by srikanth.kakani

SAP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX Integration Using SAP PI

by suman.mishra3

Simplest way to Convert Flat File to Deeply Nested XML Structures Using Java Mapping

by venkat.nimmagadda

Proxy and IDOC Serializing techniques in PI

by umamohan

Read Data from a Password Protected PDF File

by tilak.b

Open PI Initiative Fostering Open Source Development for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration

by denny.schreber

Binding Multiple Interfaces with PI 7.1 Operations

SAP PI 7.3 – Adapter User-Defined Message Search without TREX

SAP PI 7.3 – Monitoring Guide (Single Stack)

SAP XI/PI SMQ2 (Error Log)

by harisuseelan

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