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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Launched in 2010, SAP HANA is a modern and mature solution used by tens of thousands of customers around the world. But SAP HANA is much more than a database. In addition to acting as a database server, storing and retrieving data requested by applications, SAP HANA offers advanced search, analytics, and data integration capabilities for all types of data - structured and unstructured. It also functions as an application server and helps companies build smart, insight-driven applications based on real-time data, in-memory computing, and machine learning technology. These capabilities are available both in the cloud, and on-premise.

What's new? What is coming up next and how can you get involved? Don't miss out on our upcoming SAP Community Calls! 👉🏽 SAP HANA Cloud Overview and SAP HANA Cloud, data lake Overview.

  • Join this call (SAP HANA Cloud Overview) with thomas.hammer3 (Product Manager - SAP HANA Cloud) on July 14 // 4pm CET to get started! SAP HANA Cloud offers a quick and easy way to store data, process it in real time, and link it to other data sources in the cloud or on-premise. Operating as stand-alone solution or as add-on to an on-premise environment, SAP HANA Cloud allows unique use cases offering great benefits to its users. It is still a rather new product, which is why Thomas wanted to provide you with an overview of the various features and specific benefits while introducing the newest technological advances.

  • Hit the Register button for our SAP HANA Cloud, data lake Overview on July 15 // 5pm CET! jason.hinsperger (Product Manager - SAP HANA Cloud) will give you a technical overview of SAP HANA Cloud, data lake. Explaining key features and specific benefits while introducing the newest technological advances. He will also offer a glimpse on the current product roadmap for SAP HANA Cloud, data lake.

Looking for material to get more experienced in SAP HANA?
Check out our SAP HANA Tutorials and especially our latest one on Alerts in SAP HANA Database and Data Lake by daniel.vanleeuwen!

I would like to highlight and bring to your attention one of our latest updates on SAP HANA, express edition, as SAP HANA, express edition 2.0 SPS 05 has been made available for download as of June, 30 2021. Read the update by denys.kempen!

Are you interested in where our SAP HANA Cloud data centers are located around the world? Read helenan's blog post and find out about it!

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This is the second part of out blog series that will continue on a weekly basis. Check out last week's Featured Contributors on Customer Experience! Coming up next week: SAP Integration Suite!