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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

By combining business intelligence, planning capabilities, and predictive analytics into a single cloud environment, SAP Analytics Cloud provides analytics efficiency across the organization. SAP Analytics Cloud gives teams across your company the power to access all the data necessary to make intelligent business decisions. 

Have you missed our most recent Community Calls? You can catch up on all of our replays of the calls at  the Community Live Page here. Some of SAP Analytic Cloud's most recent calls include: 

SAP Analytics Cloud – Overview of Recent Innovations:

 Topics covered include the release of the New Model, the simplified navigation as well as the watchlist capability. With the New Model users gain more flexibility defining their data models including handling multi-currency use-cases. The simplified navigation is designed to be intuitive and consistent across the products and to provide an experience that is optimized for the needs of every user. Finally, the watchlist capability is designed to allow information workers to independently explore, monitor, and act in response to business changes. Join this call and take the opportunity to raise your questions with the product manager. 

Introducing the new business content for workforce planning with SAP Analytics Cloud: 

The new business content for workforce planning in SAP Analytics Cloud provides customers a ready-to-use workforce planning application. The content package contains data models, business logic and planning input sheets to cover different aspects of operational workforce planning. In this session, a deep-dive of the new business content will be provided followed by an open Q&A session. 

To stay up to date on upcoming SAP Analytics Cloud related updates, Community Calls, Blog Posts, or questions, follow the topic page. 

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 Learn how to Ask and Answer Questions on SAP Community | Tutorials for SAP Developers
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