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Community Manager
This blog post is a part of the Featured Contributors Blog Series where we highlight different SAP topics and SAP community members who were significantly active in them.  

 What is SAP Integration Suite? 

Ever wanted to leverage tools and prebuilt content to address your digital journey challenges, including integration scenario, managing APIs and connections to third-party solutions? SAP Integration Suite might be what you were looking for.  

SAP Integration Suite is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows you to seamlessly integrate on-premise, cloud-based applications and processes with capabilities and prebuilt content managed by SAP. 

Want to learn more? 

If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend you to check out the SAP Integration Black Belt program and watch the replays of the following SAP Community calls: 

SAP Integration Suite Overview and How Its Accelerating Third Party Integrations 

SAP Integration Black Belt at SIKA AG 

Customer Journey from On premise Integration to the Cloud 

Diverse Integrations at SIKA 

Integration Suite Overview and How its Accelerating Third party Integrations 


For more information about SAP Integration Suite, please visit this SAP Community topic page. 

Who are the Featured Contributors? 

I would like to introduce to you a recent addition to the SAP community topic pages: 

If you look at the right side at the bottom of the SAP Integration Suite topic page, you’ll find a section called “Featured Contributors”. These are community members who were significantly engaged in the SAP Integration Suite topic in the SAP Community. They answered open questions, wrote blog posts and in general have the community spirit in them.  

That is why I would like to show our gratitude by highlighting the current Featured Contributors 






How can YOU become a Featured Contributor?

We review the list of Featured Contributors on the topic page on a bi-weekly basis, and update if needed. This means that you too could be a Featured Contributor.  

The SAP Community is full of opportunities to engage, interact, support, and meet fellow community members. To begin the journey we recommend that you find the tags of your interest in our SAP managed tags list and follow them. Once you start following a tag, you will be notified on new questionsand  blog posts being published and when other engagement activities take place. Then you can decide when you would like to engage by accepting answers, commenting, liking, following, or voting on questions and even submitting new blog posts. 

 Do you want a community badge? 

A great first step in the path of becoming a Featured Contributor is earning the Hello World badge: 

All you have to do in order to get this badge is: 

Follow a tag 
Follow a person 
Follow a blog post 
Follow a question 

To learn more about community badge and missions please visit the Missions and Badges page and see how you can strengthen your community reputation and profile.  


This blog post in which we highlighted an SAP topic and its associated Featured Contributors is part of the Featured Contributors weekly series. I encourage you to check out already and learn more about the next topic which is SAP Analytics Cloud. 

I would also like to recommend the following: 


Happy to hear your thoughts in the comments section.