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Some of you might have already used the conditional formatting in SAP Analytics Cloud before and you might have been a little "disappointed" because all you were able to configure were static number ranges.


As shown above, we could easily create a conditional formatting based on a measure and define the number ranges, define the color, and select a icon ...

... but the problem is that these are static and in case the granularity changes or the dimension changes, or we use a drill down then the threshold we defined becomes invalid because it does not adjust to the new scenario and the threshold values we defined are not applicable to the changed scenario.

So we need to be able to make the threshold dynamic, which is now possible in SAP Analytics Cloud.

You can now setup threshold rules, where you compare 2 measures against each other and then define the threshold values based on the percentage value.


For example, above we compare the original price with the discount value and based on the discount we configure the different threshold values.

So why is the option to configure this in a dynamic way important ?

Lets take a very simple example:

Above we can see a table with our product hierarchy and we can see the discount column leveraging the configured threshold. So on the top level of our hierarchy, all our product categories give us a red flag.

So when we then drill down to the next level...

.. we can recognize, that not all our products are in the red zone but instead we now can see the threshold values adjusting - based on the dynamic rules we defined - to the lower level in the hierarchy.


Hope you enjoy those new options.