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This blog is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions around Calculation View modeling in Web IDE. Topics that are covered are for example what are projects, how do projects relate to containers, or how to manage access to objects.

The individual questions and answers can be found under this link.

When the document will be updated, I will add a comment on the blog post here, so please follow the blog to get notification of any updates.

For a general overview of the differences between modeling in Web IDE compared to HANA Studio have a look at this blog.

The topics of this blog are also relevant for modeling in Business Application Studio which was released in December 2020 as the HANA development tooling for SAP HANA Cloud. Have a look at e.g., this blog for an overview of developing Calculation Views in Business Application Studio which is in general very similar to developing in Web IDE.

For a general overview of the migration approach from the deprecated HANA repository to the new HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI) Calculation Views have a look at this blog.

See here for background information on concepts like "schema.configure" or "logical schema" that help to flexibly adapt the target objects of synonyms.

Several tutorials on calculation view modeling can be found here.

Workshop recordings on how to work with calculation views in SAP HANA Cloud can be found here:

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