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1. Which browser should be used to access

Solution: It is always recommended to use from windows host using Firefox browser.


2. Can i use SYSTEM user to login to

Solution: No,it is recommended not to use SYSTEM/<password> for accessing Use specific users for each showcase scenario as mentioned in the launchpad.

3. Are there any bookmarks for showcase scenarios?

Solution: Yes, frequently used URLs are provided as bookmarks and can be found at D:/misc/IBO.html in windows instance. This should be imported in Firefox browser.

4. How to create  Objects in Enterprise Service Repository(ESR)

Solution: This solution does not have the provision to create the ESR or Integration Flows (iFlows) using Swing client. Note that, the existing iFlows or ESR objects cannot be imported using NWDS, so new objects or iflows has to be created using NWDS provided on Windows host.

  • Login to windows instance .

  • Open NWDS ( shortcut available on desktop).

  • Open Windows -> preferences -> Enterprise Service Browser.

  • Set the preferences for Enterprise Service Repository as shown below. Click Apply.

  • Open Enterprise Service Browser  Perspective and connect to ESR

  • Right click on the software component version where the objects need to be created ( a new software component version also can be created), select "New" and the type of artifact to be created.

Similarly for iFlows, goto Windows->Preferences->PI Tools Configuration->Connections and set the Host and  Http Port as "bpmhost" and "50000".


5.What to do if login fails when user logs into

Error: Wrong Credentials


Solution: This could be because of many reasons.To find out the exact reason, the status of the user has to be checked using HANA Studio.

This can be done from Windows Host.

Launch HANA Studio available on the desktop. Login as SYSTEM user. Goto, HDB -> Security ->Users and select the user (trying to login).

On Double click, the status of the user will be displayed, like " password expired"

In this case the solution is to change the password and activate the user as shown below. Based on the reason provided solution has to be applied accordingly.

6. The user is not able to see tasks in BPMinbox, although the required roles are assigned.

   Solution : The above problem occurs because there are two roles on the BPM system (J4H) with the same name:               'pcd:portal_content/'

      To get the issue resolved the following steps needs to be performed

      • Login to NWA in Windows host using the URL http://bpmhost:50000/nwa

      • Navigate to Configuration -> Security -> Identity Management

      • Search for the role 'pcd:portal_content/'. Two roles with the name 'pcd:portal_content/' should be displayed

      • Check the data sources: one role has the data source 'UME database', the other 'Portal Role'

      • Delete the role with the data source 'UME database'

      • Open the other role and go to the 'Assigned Actions' tab

      • Add the following two actions: 'SAP_BPM_DISPLAY_PROCESS_FLOW' and 'SAP_BPM_Substitution_Profile_ReadAll'

      • Save the edited role