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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The more data we have, the more we can do with it. That’s why it is crucial to collect as much information as possible and analyze it properly so that we know what steps to take next.

In this blog post we are going to talk about the benefits of external data on the recently launched data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for gaining insights into your supply chain. From our interview with Thomas Spieker, Director Central Europe at Shippeo, you will learn how Shippeo's Data Product on the data marketplace helps you to get deeper insights into your business by accessing data about , and more. This allows you to make smarter decisions and maximize sales opportunities.

1. Shippeo Data: Benefit for Your Business.

Shippeo is a real-time transport visibility platform that provides shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and 4PLs instant tracking of every delivery, enabling proactive communication with end customers. With their platform and data, there is no need to worry about inaccurate shipments or missing information. Shippeo provides companies with real-time insights on their sales and inventory, as well as the ability to identify which items are selling faster than others by using shipment tracking data from multiple carriers.

The Value Proposition of Shippeo: Benefits and Main Features.

  1. Real-time transport visibility of merchandise out of the warehouse, from “where is my shipment?” to “what’s inside my shipment?” with granular tracking information.

  2. Fastest and most seamless carrier onboarding, 98% satisfaction rate.

  3. In-house machine learning ETA algorithm achieving 95% accuracy and 25% reduction of disputes for transport.

  4. Management of complex global transport networks.

To learn more about how your business can take advantage of Shippeo’s data integration on the data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, read on.

2. From SAP.iO investment to the most recommended real-time transportation platform in the world.

The story of Shippeo and SAP began years ago when SAP.iO became one of the first investors in Shippeo. Since then, small input has definitely produced a big output. All this time, Shippeohas been actively expanding cooperation with SAP in various dimensions.

As SAP.iO has invested in Shippeo in the first round, the Shippeo team has been always close to the SAP Product Management Teams, especially in terms of SAP Transportation Management.

"When we got into the SAP environment, we were exposed to a massive ecosystem, and we gradually started interacting with different teams — Product Teams, Sales Teams, then we learned that the data marketplace was starting to develop, we understood there was huge potential." shares Thomas.

3. “What if we not only provide our data, but rather exchange it and complement with other providers on the data marketplace?”

By accessing the data marketplace, data providers and data consumers have the ability to get as many data sets as they wish. Each party can act as both data provider and data consumer at the same time. Data Warehousing and Analytics allow storing, transforming, enhancing, analyzing, visualizing, and integrating with all necessary services from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

“We quickly got the idea of what happens if we exchange our data, mix it with data coming from the other SAP Providers and probably other sources, and build real customer dashboards with amazing insights. It is the highest quality and the biggest value SAP customers could expect to get”.

Story Builder on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud by Shippeo created within SAP.iO

4. From idea to ready Data Product

Since Shippeo is part of the SAP BTP Startup Program and uses the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for their business, negotiations, and integration with the data marketplace team went very quickly and easily. When SAP announced that there is data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud emerging in the SAP portfolio, Shippeo was one of the first candidates to jumpstart with their data on the data marketplace, as lots of Shippeo customers implement and actively use SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for processing and analyzing their data.

SAP BTP Startup Program presented data marketplace project to us, and then we got exposure to the Oliver Huth’s team, who is Data Marketplace Program Manager and is coordinating the whole process. We pitched our use case, aligned it with SAP, and agreed upon further development of a business case which might be interesting for the customers,” shares Thomas.

Possible Data Flows and Data Sources by Shippeo created within SAP.iO

5. Industries, covered by Shippeo datasets, or “track and collect data about anything that moves.”

When are the goods coming? Are there any issues or delays? What is the current state? — with tracking data coming from Shippeo, its completion from other SAP Products like SAP Extended Warehouse Management, and holistic processing and analytics in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, customers get the 360-degree view of all the processes in their business. These insights will be available for all the data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud users.

“Since tracking and collecting data is important for all industries, the list of our customers and their businesses is very long and diverse. If there is something moving, we can track it, whether it’s Automotive, Food & Beverage, Retail or Oil, Gas & Chemicals. We have a lot of customers coming from the retail world, but also everything that goes into the industrial world, discrete manufacturing or process manufacturing,“ shares Thomas.

User Stories: CO2- and Carrier Management by Shippeo created within SAP.iO

Whether you’re a business owner or employee, it’s necessary that all processes are coordinated and at each stage, everyone can get information about the current state of the system. This is all the data Shippeo provides in real-time and efficiently delivers to the customers on the data marketplace.

6. Format of the Data Product

Since we are in the real-time world of transportation, Shippeo is continuously sending the data into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. There are prebuilt dashboards that customers see when choosing to get data product, where there is information from SAP Transportation Management and data coming from the Shippeo platform, that is combined and visualized.

“The whole idea is that we continuously update and send the data on a regular basis, thus customers can have real-time visualization and understand: What’s going on? Do I have a problem in my supply chain? Do I have additional risks in my supply chain? How can I build more resilience into the supply chain?

It’s really a continuous exchange of data because again, we are in the life tracking world, so we make sure it’s the most up-to-date information out there.”, says Thomas.

7. Current state and future plans

“Our dashboard is complete to start on data marketplace. What we have built, in terms of the business case for an SAP customer or for third-party consumers, is really huge. It’s what the industry actually wants, and our data product might solve problems in the logistics and supply chain that everyone currently faces. SAP customers have difficulties and our data is out there to solve them.

The main task now is to communicate the value of data marketplace to customers and make sure that salespeople can fully describe and explain all the benefits for each business. This requires both an understanding of the technological underpinnings of data marketplace and the ability to delve into the needs of each individual business.”, says Thomas.

When joining SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you get exposure to the SAP services, analytics, and the whole bundle of SAP products from one place. The data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud gives you the power of information at your fingertips, so you can run your business better than ever before.

Do you want to learn more about SAP BTP Startup Program? Check out our SAP BTP Startup Program: Data-to-Value Track or directly fill in the form to contact the SAP.iO team!