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This blog post follows a webinar presented by Priti Mulchandani – “Smart Features and Self-Service Analytics with SAP BusinessObjects BI”.

This blog will focus on the predictive features as part of the Augmented Analytics capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud. For a more detailed presentation and to view a live demonstration, please watch this webinar.

Types of Users:

In SAP Analytics Cloud, we provide functionalities for all types of users ranging from IT to Business Analysts as well as Information Workers.

  • The IT users help with preparing enterprise reporting including visualizations, and historical data reporting and analysis. An IT user would help with preparing data models and setting connections.

  • An Analyst performs self-service analytics. In this situation, the data is already in place (as completed by our IT persona), and our analyst would now slice and dice the data using the self-service features in SAP Analytics Cloud to create dashboards and share them with people across the organization.

  • Lastly, we have Information Workers who utilize the augmented analytics features in SAP Analytics Cloud. Information workers encompass any business user in our day to day life who leverage Augmented Analytics – a capability which is based on machine learning and AI technology to provide quick predictive insights of your data.

Our focus for the rest of this blog and the related webinar will be on Augmented Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud.


In comparison to SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite, SAP Analytics Cloud includes the best of Business Intelligence with the addition of Planning and Augmented Analytics – two key features which have modernized analytics by leveraging predictive technology to enhance decision making. Read this blog and watch this webinar to learn more about the comparison between SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Augmented Analytics:

Augmented Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud has three core technological enhancements which include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. With these enhancements, your existing dashboards can provide you with quick automatic explanations and strong predictive insights.

How will Augmented Analytics help my business?

With Augmented Analytics you can ask questions related to your current business situation, predict for future situations, and gain insights into your results by understanding the key drivers effecting your KPI’s. For example, in relation to profitability, you can discover what your profitability was last year, what it will be next year, and discover why you received that particular answer. You can also ask questions related to different fields within your organization. For example, in a Human Resource scenario, you can figure out how many employees you would need in certain working situations to optimize efficiency. You’re able to find answers to these complicated questions through our six Smart Features as part of the Augment Analytics capability in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Smart Features:

SAP Analytics Cloud houses six smart features:

  • Search to Insight: A Natural Language Query and Generation capability. This is where you ask a question in English and receive an answer in the form of charts and visualizations that you can then add into your dashboards.

  • Smart Discovery: An Exploration capability to discover your data by finding interesting patterns and relationships. Smart Discovery is based on machine learning algorithms and supports scenarios that use analysis such as classification and regression. Once you have your data model, you specify your target KPI and Smart Discovery will generate an output for you.

  • Smart Insights: When understanding your data there can be many different insights coming from different places within your data set. Smart Insights automatically drives your attention to the key components of your data and doesn’t overwhelm users with too many insights.

  • Time Series Forecasting: A predictive capability to ensure you make strong and accurate decisions for the future. Time Series Forecasting produces forecast for the future and can be applied to various use cases throughout your business.

  • Smart Grouping: Helps to cluster different values in your data with respect to the specific KPI’s you’re analyzing. This feature is also based on machine learning and accurately groups values based on common relationships in your data.

  • Smart Predict: Gives you predictions for the future and allows you to base your decisions on the outcomes of smart predict. With this feature, you must first create a predictive scenario which is usually created by an analyst who is able to recognize whether a scenario is of good quality before predicting the results and giving them to a business user.

Depending on your need and question, one or another Smart Feature will likely be used. All of the features are applicable to your specific use case regardless of industry or process.

To see a demonstration of these Smart Features, please visit 17:00 of the webinar.

To learn more about how you can extend and enhance your current SAP BusinessObjects BI solution with SAP Analytics Cloud, watch all of our webinars on-demand here.