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With the latest release of Kyma, connectivity to on premise systems can now be achieved using the SAP Cloud Connector. Running as an on-premise agent, the SAP Cloud Connector provides a secure tunnel to connect SAP BTP applications and on-premise systems. This is accomplished by using the Connectivity Proxy which is a software component deployed into the Kyma Cluster that interacts with systems exposed by the SAP Cloud Connector.

The provisioning of the Connectivity Proxy is handled by the Kyma Control Plane which is a component that manages Kyma runtimes. Once the creation of a service instance and service binding of the Connectivity Proxy is detected by the Kyma Control Plane, the Connectivity Proxy will be provisioned in the runtime into the namespace kyma-system. From within the Kyma runtime it will be accessible using the URL connectivity-proxy.kyma-system.svc.cluster.local:20003.
You can find the configuration details as well as an example application in the connectivity-proxy folder of the Kyma Runtime Extension Sample repo. The help documentation can also be found here.

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If you have further questions around Kyma, feel free to post them in the answers area of the SAP Community, here is a link.
To stay up to date with everything Kyma, make sure to visit our Kyma topic page. 

Disclaimer: This blog post focuses on Kyma runtime version 2.0 on SAP BTP. Keep in mind that adjustments might be needed at a higher release of Kyma.